Why Your Dog Always Sticks Its Head Out of the Car Window

Be careful when your dog starts itching to poke its head out of the car window.

Lucky Business/Shutterstock

Ever wonder why your dog always gravitates toward the car window when you roll it down? Science provides the answer.

Because dogs have a greater sense of smell than humans, when they stick their head out the window they’re exposed to an intense smelling experience. The air getting forced into their nose might intensify the odors, making it extra exciting for the dog.

What’s more is dogs can recognize locations based on the smells, which might also help explain their desire to stick their head out of the window.

But you need to be careful when your dog wants to stick its head out the window. They’re prone to get hit by debris, especially little pebbles or bugs flying by. Plus, a dog’s ears can get damaged by the wind. It’s recommended that you roll the window down just a bit and keep them restrained. Be sure to check out these 16 tips on taking your dog with you on a trip.

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