Wonder Pump

This inexpensive siphon is a must-have in your garage.

There are a lot of siphon contraptions out there, but this is Josh Risberg’s favorite. It’s called the Wonder Pump. It has a brass fitting that contains a marble in it. All you do is dip the fitting down in the fluid and jiggle it up and down, hence the generic term “jiggle siphon.” The marble pulls the fluid out as it moves back and forth, until gravity finally takes over. It works on the same principle as if you were to suck on one end of the hose except you’ll never end up with a mouthful of gas…YUCK!

Because it rolls up into a small package, he takes on with on his snowmobile trips up in the mountains where he uses it to transfer gas from one machine to another in case someone runs low. He has also used it at home to drain gas from engines for storage and empty a broken washing machine and plugged sink. The one downside is that you need a couple inches of fluid to get the siphoning process started. You can buy a Wonder Pump at most home centers for under $10.

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