The makers of rugged jeans are in the workwear biz now.

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Lots of people, men and women alike, enjoy the comfortable fit of Wrangler jeans. Now Wrangler has a line of work clothes called RIGGS WORKWEAR. I’ve been trying out a pair of RIGGS shorts for a couple months now, doing carpentry on our family cabin on weekends, and I have to say, these shorts seem indestructible. The fabric is “ripstop” cotton, fairly heavy, the cargo pockets have heavy-duty snaps, and there is leather and nylon reinforcement at the edges of pockets. There is an extra piece of fabric in the crotch (a gusset, I think it’s called) that lets you squat and stretch your legs with ease. And though pocket preferences are pretty personal, I like these. A cargo pocket takes my phone, there’s a little pocket for my readers (gotta have ’em, I’m afraid), and there are still a few left over. I’ll be wearing these shorts every weekend till the snow flies!


Besides shorts, you’ll find long work pants, shirts and tees in the Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR collection, at excellent prices. Buy them at Cabela’s, Amazon, wrangler.com and many other retailers.

— Ken Collier, Editor in Chief

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