Zero Turn Radius Mowers

Here's the info you need to know about zero turn radius mowers.

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Are They Right For You?

Zero turn radius (ZTR) mowers cut grass 40 percent faster than even the fastest lawn or garden tractor. They move faster, and the zero turn radius feature allows them to do a 180-degree turn at the end of the cutting path, totally eliminating the “loop around” needed by rear engine riders and tractors.

A ZTR mower is far more maneuverable than a rear engine rider or tractor, allowing you to closely follow a winding garden edge and cut around trees in a single loop. That eliminates the need to go back and clean up with a string trimmer.

Higher-end ZTR models include a seat suspension system that isolates you from the mower so you don’t feel bumps and vibration—an especially important feature if you have bumpy terrain. ZTR mowers with a 42-in. cutting width start at about $2,300 and top out at about $5,000 for a 60-in. model.

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