Jean Thilmany is a content writer specializing in engineering software, retail and food-packaging technology, medical technology, and science-related subjects. She formerly was an editor at Mechanical Engineering Magazine and contributed to a host of other magazines including Contract Packaging, Baking Management, MIT Technology Review, Supermarket News, and Women's Wear Daily as well as for the Humphrey Institute. She's .spent more than 15 years writing about the confluence of engineering and medicine, including nanotechnology, MEMS, and lab on a chip devices as well as about software and technology. She's have written about FDA regulations and for many technically oriented as well as consumer publications and can write in an engaging narrative style in both. Her specialty is explaining rather complex and technical subjects in a clear, concise, and straightforward way. She  emphasize this skill in my editing as well. Jean is confident she can write for your readers and in your style.
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Do Centipedes Bite?

Learn whether or not there's cause for concern, beyond a mild case of the creeps due to all those legs.