Brenda Porter-Rockwell

Brenda Porter-Rockwell is a seasoned content writer. She has more than two decades of experience writing for B2c and B2B publications, including and Through the years Brenda has been published in a number of respected print and online consumer, and industry-specific publications and channels. Brenda has been a newspaper reporter for a medium daily in Central NJ, PR Director, magazine editor and marketing writer. Clearly she loves the printed word (and her byline)!

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Home Inventory

The threat of a natural disaster shouldn't be the impetus to create your home inventory. A complete list of all your belongings can help you decide how much homeowner's insurance you need. Plus, you'll be prepared should you need to file a claim or write off a loss on your taxes. Get started now with these top 10 tips for creating your home inventory.