Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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    How to Change the Oil in Your Car

    One of the most critical maintenance chores for cars is changing the oil regularly. Learn how to change oil quickly and without getting too dirty.

    Winter Car Tips: 12 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car During the Winter

    Winter driving can be nerve-racking and often dangerous. If you're heading out into the snow and ice, here are 12...

    How to Get Rid of Salt Stains in Your Car

    Get rid of wintery residue with these methods for cleaning salt stains.

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    21 Car Hacks That’ll Make Driving So Much Better

    Whether you’re gearing up for a road trip or just want to make your daily commute less of a chore,...

    15 Suggested Car Repairs by Car Mileage

    Learn these suggested car repair mileage markers to lengthen your car's life.

    10 Car Diagnostic Tools for DIYers

    We've all been there: you're driving along, minding your own business, when all of a sudden your check engine light...

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    What Happens When You Run Old Oil in Your Car

    Learn what happens when you run old oil in your car, why old oil breaks down, and why some car...

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    27 Things You Must Do To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

    Avoid no-starts, frozen doors and windows, engine freeze-up and accidents with this checklist. Plus, see our must-have winter car emergency...

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    How To Find a Mechanic You Can Trust

    Experienced, trustworthy automotive technicians are out there! You just need to know where to find them.

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    How to Test a Spark Plug to See If It’s Working

    Every small gasoline engine has a spark plug, and this key component requires periodic inspection and testing. Learn how to...

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    How Often Should You Wash Your Car in Winter?

    If you live where winter brings snow, slush, sand and salt, it's nearly impossible to keep your car's exterior clean....

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    When Is the Best Time To Buy a Car?

    It’s probably not the most convenient, but it will get you the best deal.

    Gas Prices Rising to Near Pre-Pandemic Levels. Here’s Why

    What's behind this rare January increase in gas prices? Experts weigh in.

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    8 Most Common Lawn Tractor Repairs

    If you own a lawn tractor, a.k.a. a riding lawn mower, knowing how to make these eight common repairs can...

    10 Easiest Ways To Find The Cheapest Gas In Your Area

    Tired of overpaying at the gas pump? Well, that's about to change. Learn how to find cheap gas near you.

    Driving With Hazards On In Bad Weather: Is It Legal?

    Maybe not. The laws vary from state to state.

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    Why Won’t My Car Door Close Properly?

    A car door that won't close properly is not only a critical safety issue, but also an invitation for thieves...

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    How to Repair Rust on a Car

    As long as vehicle body panels are made from steel, they're going to rust.

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    This $5 Product Will Have Your Car Looking and Smelling Like New

    Try these incredibly effective and super affordable wipes.

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    13 Things Rich People Never Waste Their Money On

    Wealthy people can buy anything and everything they want, right? While that might be true, it doesn't mean the rich...

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    How to Check Your Windshield Wiper Fluid

    Checking your windshield wiper fluid is not like checking your oil — it doesn’t have a dipstick. You simply fill...

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    15 Things You Do to Your Car That Mechanics Wouldn’t

    Yes, you need to "warm up" your car.

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    20 Things You Should Never Leave in Your Car During Winter

    Cold weather can wreak havoc on items left in your car. Don't risk damage or compromised security by leaving these...

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    7 Best Snow Tires for Your Car

    No matter what you drive, there's a snow tire for your vehicle. We've chosen seven top performers for you to...

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    How to Put Snow Chains on Your Tires

    If you've purchased snow chains and don't know how to put them on your car (or you're just curious) don't...

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    7 Best Tire Chains for Winter Driving

    Planning to do some serious winter driving? Snow chains can make a big difference! Here are the best snow chains...

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    8 Best Car Dog Barriers

    If your dog can't sit still in the car, a dog barrier will ensure they don't end up in your...

    Family Handyman’s Vintage Truck Ads from the ‘80s

    As part of our 70th Anniversary celebration, Family Handyman takes a look back at the rough-'n-tumble trucks of the 1980s.

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    6 Prime Day Products to Help Us Weather the Winter

    Winter is right around the corner. These Prime Day products will help you prepare for the snow and ice.