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Auto Parts

Whether you are looking to repair or upgrade a part on your car or truck, here is where you’ll get the best information and tips about car parts, replacement parts and auto maintenance.

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    Car Repair: How to Jack Up a Car Safely

    Follow these steps on how to jack up a car—it could save your life!

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    Brake Caliper Paint Pointers

    Brake caliper paint does not affect performance, but it does affect the appearance of a vehicle with expensive rims. What...

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    What Is a Brake Light Switch and When Should You Replace It?

    The brake light switch on your vehicle serves an important safety function. Learn how to test it and determine when...

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    Causes and DIY Fixes for Smoking Brakes

    What does it mean when your brakes are smoking? Learn the causes and DIY fixes for smoking brakes along with...

    Check it Out: The StoneDeks System

    Tired of building the same old deck and covering it in wood or composite deck boards? Check out the StoneDeks...

    Modern Building Products and Materials You Should Be Using Already

    Houses today are stronger, more efficient and safer to work on. Modern building products have a lot to do with...

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    How to Check Tire Pressure with a Digital Tire Gauge

    Check car tire pressure regularly to save money on gas and wear on your tires after you learn how to...

    DIY Brake Tips

    Use new high-temperature grease to improve long-term brake performance and wear

    How to Check Brakes

    Diagnose brake problems yourself

    How to Replace Your Own Struts

    Replace struts yourself and save $300

    Changing Brake Fluid

    Test your brake fluid and replace it if it's worn out

    Brake Pad Replacement Cost and Repair – Avoid Getting Ripped Off

    How to get a good brake job and save $1,000 over the life of your car. Here are tips for...

    How to Change Brake Pads

    How to change brake pads is simpler than replacing rear disc brakes. If you have experience with basic repair brake...

    Fix a Leaking Tire Valve Stem in 5 Minutes

    Five minutes is all the time you need for this quick, easy valve stem fix.

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    Car Horn Repair Tips

    Car horn not working properly? Here's how to troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem.

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    12 Things to Do When Daylight Savings Time Begins

    Spring Daylight Savings Time is a great reminder that the seasons are just about to change. Here's everything you should...

    Plywood or OSB- Which Is Better?

    Plywood vs OSB: There is a difference. Find out which one to use on your next project.

    Buying a Car Jack and Jack Stands

    Make sure car stands are solid and safe.

    How to Check Brake Fluid

    Make sure the corrosion inhibitor in your brake fluid hasn't worn out

    Truck & SUV Tire Buying Guide

    Use this tire buying guide to learn how to buy truck and SUV tires

    Fix a Flat Survival Guide

    Got a flat tire? You'll survive.

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    Learn About Tires

    There's more to tires than meets the eye

    How to Buy Tires

    Buy tires the smart way—set priorities and do your homework

    Change a Tire: Two Jacks Make it Easy

    Jacks with no moving parts mean less hassle

    Service Your Spare Tire Carrier

    Lubricate your spare tire lift to make sure you have access to your spare when you need it.