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From books and family pics to shoes and power tools – here’s how to buy or DIY the right shelf for your space.

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    Garage Storage Systems

    Organize your garage with a handsome, easy-to-build storage system that'll hold all of your garage clutter

    DIY Storage Bin Shelves You Can Build

    Ease your stress with storage bin shelves that you can easily and inexpensively make yourself.

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    Shortcuts for Custom Built Cabinets

    DIY built ins such as built-in cabinets, bookcases, and shelving are faster, easier and better with these tips from a...

    Build Your Own Melamine Closet Organizer

    From anarchy to order in a weekend! Melamine panels make it easy. Build your own white closet organization system with...

    Marie Kondo’s Favorite Food Storage Container Is FLYING off the Shelves!

    Marie Kondo has revealed her go-to food storage container. But it's selling out...FAST!

    How to Build an Entryway Coat Rack and Storage Bench

    If your entryway is littered with shoes and jackets, purses and book bags, this simple bench and matching shelf might...

    15 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose a Pile of Old Books

    If you've got shelves or boxes of old books hanging around your home, don't toss them! Repurpose them into something...

    How to Make New Wood Look Old

    Whether used for shelving, floors or furniture, time-worn wood brings a touch of rustic charm to every space. If you...

    How to Install Wire Shelving for a Wire Closet System

    Our expert will share his secrets to help you install closet wire shelving.

    Modular Workbench

    Five foldout features make this bench a perfect project for even small shop spaces.

    12 Walk-In Closets to Die For

    Who wouldn't want customized closet shelving, space for all of your shoes and boots, plus the added convenience of a...

    Double Decker Garage Storage Shelves

    If you're out of garage floor space, try looking up for garage storage shelves.

    Bathroom Vanity Storage Upgrades

    Three sensible solutions for disorder down under

    How to Add Shelves Above Kitchen Cabinets

    Make every inch count with an easy-to-clean upper-cabinet shelf.

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    Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build A Lockable Storage Cabinet

    Learn how to utilize the beauties of pegboard and adjustable shelving with this inexpensive, lockable storage cabinet.

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    How to Build Invisible Bookshelves

    Create these incredibly simple no-shelf bookshelves that'll leave your guests scratching their heads.

    Easy Shelf Ideas: Tips for Home Organization

    Check out these shelf ideas: Speedy shelving tips and projects

    12 Gift Ideas for Gearheads

    From specialized drink coasters to unique wall shelves and even items for the kitchen, there's a wide variety of gifts...

    Why a Bubble Stick Beats a Level Any Day

    When marking walls for cabinets, shelving, etc., try a plastic ruler or a bubble stick with a built-in level.

    Sturdier Shelves

    Ordinary clip-in-place shelf brackets with slotted metal supports can hold a lot of weight.

    Quick Fix for Sagging Shelves

    Secretly fix your sagging shelves with this easy tip.

    How To Build Floating Shelves

    Customize these amazing floating shelves to suit any room in your house!

    How to Make Boat Cleat Towel Storage Shelves

    This nautical-style towel storage unit is a fun and unique way to store your towels.

    Genius Storage Idea: Gutter Shelves

    Increase your kitchen storage with...gutters.

    Miters on Tree Branches

    Making rustic DIY decor? Learn how to cut tree branches easier with this tip.

    How to Create Thick Stock

    Some projects built from MDF— shelving, desktops, sometimes even trim—look more substantial when you use thicker material.

    Routing to a T

    An older-model drafting T-square—the kind with a wooden and plastic crosspiece—makes a great fence for routing dadoes for shelves in...