From books and family pics to shoes and power tools – here’s how to buy or DIY the right shelf for your space.

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    Quick and Accurate Dado Cuts

    Here’s a neat trick to speed up cutting dadoes for shelves and other cabinet projects. Attach a 2-in. high wood fence...

    PVC Socket Shelves

    Here’s a great way to use leftover pieces of PVC pipe. Cut them into various shorter lengths and glue them...

    Edge-Banding Plywood

    There’s no better way to clamp wood edging strips to plywood shelves than with pieces of masking tape.

    Install Toggle Bolts for an Adjustable Shower Head

    Learn how to install toggle bolts!

    Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build a Floating Shelf with Secret Drawer

    Learn how to make this sleek, modern floating shelf with a secret hiding place for your valuables.

    Easy-to-Make Wine Rack

    I never have enough space for wine storage, so I made this wine rack using pantry shelves and 1x2s. I...

    Pencils at the Ready

    Insert pencils into holes drilled in the edges of shelves, or put small screw eyes into the erasers and hang...

    Circular Saw Tips and Techniques

    Brush up on the basics with this collection of circular saw do's and don'ts

    12 Ideas for Organizing with Open Shelving

    Open shelving is a popular storage solution whether you live in a small apartment or are just looking for a...

    Swing-out Storage Kitchen Cabinets

    Triple your cabinet space!

    12 Home Improvement Ideas for Beginning DIYers

    Here are a dozen starter projects to build your DIY home improvement skills and boost your confidence. These projects vary...

    14 Things You Need for College if You Rent an Old House or Apartment

    If you rent an off-campus house or apartment that isn't shiny and new, be prepared to take on some occasional...

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    DIY Floating Shelves

    These shelves appear to float against the wall with no visible supports.

    Tips for Organizing Open Kitchen Shelves

    Open kitchen shelves are an effective way to open up your kitchen while gaining more accessible storage space, making them...

    Super Storage-Simplified

    Simple and inexpensive, with huge storage capacity.

    How to Fix Sagging Cabinet Shelves

    Try one of these three simple fixes to take out the sag

    How to Replace a Towel Bar

    Replace an old towel bar on a ceramic tile wall

    How to Build a Pine Garden Hutch

    Keep all your gardening tools close at hand in this solid pine cabinet

    Showcase Shelves: DIY Bed Built-ins

    Stunning looks - and more space!

    Modular Masterpiece: Build a Fully Customizable Modular Bookshelf

    A stunning wall unit that's infinitely flexible-customize it to suit your space and your stuff.

    Simple Low-Tech Wall Shelf Plans

    Easy for anyone to build-and fun to customize!

    Build Twin Closet Shelves

    If one closet shelf is good, two must be better

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    Ultimate Tool Storage Cabinets

    A cabinet designed with tools in mind

    Stackable Shelves

    It's shelving, storage, a desk and work surface combined

    How to Build Suspended Bookshelves

    Steel cable and shaft collars add style and strength

    Garage Cabinet Storage

    Convenient work space and storage galore in one weekend

    DIY Garage Cabinet

    Get hanging storage and shelving with this two-hour project