Considering a fireplace? Here’s all the info you need to choose the right fireplace, install it properly and repair it if something goes wrong.

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What to Know About Gas Fireplace Servicing and Maintenance

Even clean-burning gas fireplaces need regular cleaning and inspection. Learn what's involved in a gas fireplace service and when it should be done.

The Best Gas Fireplaces Inserts of 2021

Gas fireplace inserts deliver warmth with ease of operation. Read on to learn which of these standouts may be the...

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Smokeless Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

Learn how you can keep your smokeless fire pit in top shape for years of enjoyable, smoke-free gatherings.

How To Babyproof a Fireplace

Protect young children from fireplaces and flames with these smart and easy tips, straight from a professional babyproofer.

Gas vs. Electric: Which Fireplace Is Best for Your Home?

Choosing between gas and electric fireplaces can be tricky. We'll run down their pros and cons to help you decide...

Best Fireplace Decor Ideas

Uninspired fireplace decor is everywhere. That's why these 10 hearths caught our eye and we wanted to share them with...

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How To Clean Fireplace Brick

Keep your brick fireplace functioning well and looking good inside and out with these tips for how to clean fireplace...

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How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel for Thanksgiving

Make your home extra cozy this Thanksgiving. Here are our top tips for beautiful mantel decor.

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Everything To Know About Chimney Caps

A chimney cap is an essential part of a properly functioning fireplace. Here's what you need to know about maintaining...

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Bathroom Fireplaces: What You Need To Know

A bathroom fireplace may be just what you need at the end of a long day. Installing one is less...

Homeowner’s Guide To Firewood

Whether you build fires for home heating, backyard fun or rustic camping, here's what you need to know about firewood.

Firewood Measurements: What Do They Mean?

Do you need a full cord or just a half-pallet this winter? Understanding what firewood measurements mean will help you...

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How Much Firewood Will I Need This Winter?

Whether heating your home or enjoying cozy fires in your indoor or outdoor fireplace, figure out how much firewood you'll...

How to Stack and Store Firewood

Want to keep your firewood organized and dry? Here's how.

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Hardwood vs. Softwood: Which Is Best for Firewood?

Unsure if hardwood or softwood is better for your fire-building needs? The answer depends on the fire's location and purpose.

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How Long Should You Dry Firewood?

A freshly stacked firewood pile promises many roaring fires, so let's answer the burning question: How long should you dry...

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6 Best Ways to Close Off a Fireplace

How often do you use your fireplace? If the answer is never, you may want to seal it off. Here...

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11 Ways to Start a Fire

Impress your friends and family by effortlessly building a roaring campfire. Your secret way to start a fire? It could...

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Can I Have Firewood Delivered?

Firewood delivery is a convenient service for homeowners looking for firewood. Here's what you need to know before you order.

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Best Firewood for Heating

If you heat your home or vacation cabin with wood or you're thinking of converting to wood heat, here are...

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9 Kinds of Firewood Not To Burn

Be the fire pit champion instead of that host who smokes everyone out and makes them sick. It's easy —...

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Seasoned vs. Kiln Dried Firewood: Does It Burn the Same?

When the leaves and the mercury start to fall, it's time to stock up on firewood. Which should you choose:...

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How To Install an Electric Fireplace

With a heater and color changing flames, enhance any chilly space with an electric fireplace insert.

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4 Great Ways To Split Firewood

Heating your home or cottage with wood takes a steady supply of split logs. Our expert offers advice for DIYers...

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What To Know About Kiln-Dried Firewood

It lights easier, burns hotter and lasts longer. Here's why you should be using kiln-dried firewood.

Start a Campfire with These DIY Fire Starters

Getting a fire started can be a tough task. Make it a little easier on yourself with these DIY fire...

10 Best Firewood Racks of 2022

An outdoor firewood rack keeps wood off the ground, neatly stacked and ready for the next firepit or fireplace gathering.

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How To Fix Summer Chimney Smells

After using your fireplace all winter, the hot, steamy days of summer can cause your chimney to really stink. Here's...

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Outdoor Fireplaces: Which Type Is Right for You?

Fire it up and gather around. An outdoor fireplace creates a warm and inviting hub for relaxing and entertaining in...

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What Type of Wood Is Best to Burn in My Fire Pit?

Selecting the right firewood for your fire pit is crucial for safety and enjoyment. These are your best options.