Considering new flooring? Here’s all the info you need to choose your flooring and maybe even install it yourself!

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    Which Floor Wax, Polish or Sealant Is Right for the Floors In Your Home?

    Don't make the wrong choice! Find the best floor wax, polish, sealant or cleaning solution depending on the type of...

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    Water-Based vs. Oil-Based Polyurethane Floor Finish

    Find out which finish is best for your project, water-based or oil-based polyurethane. Both are durable and good-looking, but there...

    Best Products to Take Care of Your Marble Floors

    Don't stress out over the upkeep of your beautiful marble floor. Here are the best solutions on the market for...

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    Best Types of Flooring for Your Basement

    Looking to install flooring in your basement? Choose one of these five basement-friendly flooring options and enjoy good looks and...

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    Everything You Need to Know About Laminate Flooring

    So many flooring choices! Here's what you need to know about laminate flooring to help you decide if it's the...

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    Everything You Need to Know About Marble Flooring

    Marble flooring is timeless in style and beautiful in appearance. But how will it hold up in your home? And...

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    8 Essential Tools for Laminate Flooring Installation

    Installing laminate flooring is definitely a DIY project that will save you money, but you'll need specific tools for a...

    What to Know About Saxony Carpets

    There are lots of reasons to choose classic, timeless and oh-so-soft Saxony carpet for your home.

    What to Know About Polyester Carpets

    Learn why polyester carpet remains such a popular residential flooring option.

    What to Know About Nylon Carpets

    Learn about the advantages that make nylon carpet the most popular carpet material in the world.

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    What to Know About Olefin Carpets

    Find out the reasons why olefin carpet is a top carpet choice among homeowners.

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    Harbor Freight Donating Entire Stock of Protective Equipment

    The medical community needs equipment, and Harbor Freight is stepping up to help. Learn more about what you can contribute...

    Simple Squeaky-Floor Fix

    A super-simple solution for a common house problem.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Triexta Carpet

    Triexta carpet is the newest carpet material on the market and it's growing in popularity. Find out what it is...

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    The Pros & Cons of Frieze Carpet

    Frieze carpet is popular, especially for high-traffic areas. Learn all about frieze carpet so you can decide if it's right...

    What You Need to Know About Vinyl Flooring Durability

    We put two kinds of vinyl flooring options to the test and this is what we learned.

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    What to Know About Berber Carpet

    Everything you need to know about Berber carpet and whether it's right for your home.

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    Best Cleaners for Your Hardwood Floor

    Find the right wood floor cleaner to keep your wood floors looking their best.

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    5 Top Carpet Cleaners for Your Home

    If your carpet is looking dingy, you may be wondering: What's the best carpet steam cleaner? Read on for our...

    How to Choose the Right Robot Vacuum

    There's a lot to love about robot vacuums, the compact, computerized vacuum cleaners that clean floors without any effort on...

    Flooring Ideas for the Bedroom

    These bedroom flooring ideas help you decide what flooring is best for your bedroom.

    How to Protect Your Floors From Salt This Winter

    How to Protect Your Floors From Salt This Winter

    Cheap Flooring Ideas: 10 Best Low-Cost Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring

    Flooring is one expense that can eat up a large portion of a remodel budget, but you don't have to...

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    This Vintage Home Trend is Making a Major Comeback

    A retro home design trend born in the 50's is making an unexpected comeback in modern homes. Learn more here.

    12 Painted Floor Ideas to Inspire Your Next DIY Project

    Painted floors can add personality and fabulous flair to a space. Make a statement with these inspiring ideas.

    How to Clean Marble Floors

    Marble is porous and susceptible to staining. Here's how to clean marble properly and keep it looking its best.

    How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors

    These dos and don'ts for how to clean laminate wood floors will ensure you don't ruin them!

    How to Install Cork Tile Flooring

    Easy-to-cut cork tiles and a homemade cutting jig make this a hassle-free DIY project.

    Flawless Floor Sanding

    Tips for hassle-free floor sanding