Give your home that new house look with updated trim designs and ideas. Choose the best trim and get to work on transforming your home into a new look.

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    13 Cool Power Tools and Accessories That Will Make Your Job Easier

    These innovative power tools are so worth adding to your jobsite collection.

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    12 Exterior Home Trends You Can Forget About

    See what's going on in exterior home trends so you can create more curb appeal for your home.

    Tips for Tighter Miters and Better Coped Joints

    New to construction? Want to brush up on your trim techniques? Check out this story.

    How to Paint a Room

    Read on as we walk you through all the steps, from choosing the paint to cleaning up when you're done.

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    What to Know About Coping Trim

    Here's a quick little rundown on what to know about coping trim for inside corners.

    Tips and Techniques for Finishing Trim

    Achieving a flawless finish is all about proper prep, taking the correct steps, and applying the right product with quality...

    How to Install Baseboard Molding, Even on Crooked Walls

    Wall molding: Install great-looking baseboards on any problem wall.

    Floor Trim Moldings and Styles For Your Home

    There are so many choices for baseboard, a.k.a. trim — the transition from flooring to walls. We break down your...

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    9 Tool Hacks You’ll Use Time and Time Again

    Tools are usually designed with one task in mind, but many can be used for all sorts of jobs.

    How to Build a Gazebo

    Build this airy summer hangout that features fish-scale shingles and decorative trim you make yourself.

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    How to Clean Vinyl Siding

    Techniques for cleaning tough-to-remove stains on vinyl siding, trim and gutters.

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    5 Ways to Save Energy During Quarantine

    Offset some of the extra energy expense you're accruing during the pandemic with these energy-conservation tips.

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    What Is a Chop Saw?

    A chop saw (a.k.a. a miter saw) is a power tool made especially for accurate crosscutting of trim and lumber...

    12 Pro Grade Power Tools You Can Buy on Amazon

    Most pros buy their power tools from dedicated hardware stores or other vendors. But, sometimes quality tools are available where...

    Everything to Know About Bathroom Paint

    As a professional painter, I always specify the use of bathroom paint on ceilings, walls and trim. I do this...

    13 ‘Cutting Edge’ Table Saw Tips

    Straight from top pro woodworkers—ultra-clever tips for getting the most from your table saw.

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    Paint Trim or Walls First? And Other Painting Questions Answered

    Professional painters share their secrets for producing a great-looking interior paint job. The work will go faster with less hassle...

    Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques

    Paint faster and better using these brushing, rolling and cutting-in techniques

    12 Tips for Bending Metal with a Bending Brake

    A metal brake is the tool for bending custom metal flashing and decorative trim. Every siding contractor and most roofers...

    Upgrade a Recessed Light Fixture

    Simply change the trim to change the style

    Best Practices for Trim Removal

    There’s an art to removing trim. Learn how to salvage the trim you want, while keeping the collateral damage to...

    How To Perfect Your Window Trim Installation Process

    A long-time carpenter Travis Larson explains how he installs window trim. Check out these simple step-by-step instructions.

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    Trim Paint Tips for Smooth, Perfect Results!

    Our best tips for painting trim perfectly. You'll learn how to trim paint like an expert!

    Push Sticks Prevent Impalement

    You can prevent injuries (and potential impalement) when using a table saw by building a small push stick. Learn how...

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    Create Smooth Walls: A Mudslinger’s Guide

    Drywall taping is one of the most important jobs on any construction site. A skilled taper can hide a lot...

    A Mostly Math-Free Method for Marking and Cutting Radius Trim

    Marking and cutting radius trim can be tricky, and mistakes can be costly. Here, an expert trim carpenter shares their...

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    How to Build a Built-in Bookcase

    No complex wood joints, no tricky techniques—simply glue, screw and nail the parts together

    Stop Window Drafts and Door Drafts to Save Energy

    Remove window and door trim to seal air leaks for good and save big money

    How to Bend Wood

    Bending hardwood trim for a countertop

    How to Build a Retaining Wall

    The simplest, cheapest, back-friendliest retaining wall in history.