Improve air flow and lighting by adding a new style window, or replace the old one with Family Handyman’s expert projects.

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    How to Avoid and Remove Window Condensation

    Use a hygrometer to diagnose moisture and humidity problems inside the house.

    5 Best Window Fans

    Beat the heat with one of these great window fans!

    12 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $100

    A little can go a long way when it comes to home improvements. For just $100 you can make some...

    12 Bad Home Decorating Habits You Should Stop Immediately

    Are you guilty of these bad home decorating habits? Your design should make sense and not confuse your guests.

    Which Exterior Renovation Adds the Most Value to a House?

    Not all exterior renovation projects are created equal. These are the ones that add the most value at resale.

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    15 Things Home Inspectors Wish You Knew

    These things home inspectors wish you knew can help sellers prepare for a home sale and make buyers aware of...

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    How to Fix a Cracked Window

    The keys to success here are a good putty knife and a quality glazing compound.

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    8 Best Blackout Curtains

    Dim to pitch-black: Here's our roundup of the best blackout curtains for blocking out light when the sun is up.

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    How to Repair or Replace a Broken Storm Window

    A broken storm window can be dangerous and inefficient, but is it a DIY project? A few things to know...

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    6 Best Storm Windows

    You're ready to buy storm windows, but what kind? Interior or exterior? Budget or top-of-the-line? Read on for our picks...

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    9 Best Smart Blinds

    Choosing the right smart blinds can be confusing. We break down the options and offer the best choices for every...

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    7 Best Window Draft Stoppers

    With winter right around the corner, learn how window draft stoppers can help keep your home cozy and warm this...

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    How to Hang Drapes at the Proper Height

    Curtains add style and privacy to your home. Here are the dos and don'ts when it comes to hanging curtains.

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    Why You Need to Clean Weep Holes Before Cold Temps

    Here’s how to winterize your window's weep holes before the snow hits the ground and makes everything more difficult. We'll...

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    7 Best Window Well Covers

    Wondering which window well covers work best? Learn about seven great options for covering your window wells and the specific...

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    What You Need to Know About Smart Blinds

    Control the light and privacy in a room no matter where you are with these smart home-compatible blinds.

    Screen Repair: How to Fix a Window Screen

    Get your window screens in shape for summer with this simple screen repair project. We'll walk you through it.

    FAQs About Buying New Windows

    How to evaluate your old windows and buy replacement windows.

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    The 3 Best Tips for Sealing Windows for Winter

    Take these steps to save money and heat when the temperatures drop.

    Electrical Wire and Cable Basics

    Everything you wanted to know about electrical wires and cables.

    Working With Metal-Clad (MC) Cable

    MC cable is easier to work with than rigid conduit and offers protection from fire, vibration, gnawing pests and physical...

    Stylish Dining Room Curtain Ideas

    Whether you're going for a modern, farmhouse, elegant or formal look, you'll find inspiration for your dining room curtain ideas...

    How to Clean Window Tracks

    If you've been neglecting to clean your window tracks, you're not alone. Luckily, you can clean them (and the sills)...

    How to Install Basement Windows and Satisfy Egress Codes

    How to saw the hole, frame the opening and set a basement egress window

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    Trending Living Room Curtain Ideas

    Curtains are the jewelry of your windows. They say so much about your personality and they enhance the aesthetic of...

    Glass Replacement: How to Replace Insulating Glass

    Three ways to fix a broken or fogged-up double paned window.

    How to Glaze a Window (Single Pane)

    Tighten up drafty old windows with new glazing putty

    How to Fix a Double-Hung Window

    Complete instructions for how to repair a broken double-hung window.

    Hard to Open Windows

    Keep your casement windows opening like new.

    Stop Window Drafts and Door Drafts to Save Energy

    Remove window and door trim to seal air leaks for good and save big money