Improve air flow and lighting by adding a new style window, or replace the old one with Family Handyman’s expert projects.

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    Zip Ties In A Panel

    Can zip ties/cable ties be used inside a electrical panel?  Find out the answer from an electrical inspector.

    Turn a Window into a Mini Greenhouse

    Create your own mini greenhouse.

    How to Frame a Window, Build Window Headers and Door Headers

    These wooden “bridges” let you create lots of big openings without weakening the walls.

    Better Wood Windows

    New windows are a huge investment. Make sure you buy a window that provides the best look, feel, performance and...

    Skylight Washing System

    I live in a geodesic dome, situated in a mature oak forest. That means lots of completely unprotected skylights that

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    How to Replace a Door or Window Screen

    If you have a damaged window or door screen, The Family Handyman expert, Rick Muscoplat, will show you how to...

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    How to Trim Out a Window

    You don't have to be a professional carpenter to trim out a window with perfect miters on every corner. Watch,...

    Making New Window Stools

    Refresh, repair or just class up the joint by installing new window stools

    Home Windows: How to Buy

    The top reasons for buying new windows...and how to tell if you need them.

    Comparison-Shopping for New Windows

    Follow these six steps to make your new windows pay off in comfort, durability and ease of maintenance

    How to Repair Jalousie Windows

    How to fix broken glass and a worn out operator

    How to Clean Glass Windows and Doors

    Make glass sparkle again with these simple cleaning solutions

    Restore Old Windows and Doors: Revive the Finish

    Restore old windows with new stain and varnish

    How to Work with Scaffolding Safely

    How to rent, setup and use scaffolding when you have to work on your roof, siding or chimney.

    10 Window Cleaning Tips from a Pro

    Save time, money and energy with these tips and pointers from someone who cleans windows for a living. Here's how...

    Mini Blind Tips and Fixes

    Mini blinds provide privacy, block the sun and usually work perfectly for years. Here are our best tips and fixes...

    Creating New Spaces with Windows and Doors

    Take the next step beyond simple replacement windows and doors to increase the livability and appeal of your home, inside...