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    10 Cool Bookcases for Kids’ Bedrooms

    Keeping books accessible and organized is key to encouraging your young reader! Check out our favorite kids' bookcases for inspiration.

    12 Best Home Improvement Projects Under $100

    A little can go a long way when it comes to home improvements. For just $100 you can make some...

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    Under Bed Shoe Storage: 8 Best Ideas

    Whether you're looking for a simple box, a stylish container or a DIY solution for under shoe storage, this inspired...

    12 Bad Home Decorating Habits You Should Stop Immediately

    Are you guilty of these bad home decorating habits? Your design should make sense and not confuse your guests.

    Kids Room Ideas That’ll Give You Instant Inspiration!

    Before your kiddo takes over decorating their room and adorns their walls with the latest posters from Teen Beat magazine...

    15 Weird Objects Our Readers Found Lurking Behind Their Walls

    From old newsprint to weapons to mummified animals, we asked our readers to show us treasures they found behind the...

    12 Beautiful Ways to Transform Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but its not too late to transform your bedroom into the room of your dreams....

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    9 Top-Rated Nightstands for Your Bedroom

    A collection of popular nightstands that solve the problem of where to put your phone, beverage, tissues, book and sleep...

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    We Tried Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Paint Color of the Year

    Aegean Teal caught the attention of our team here at Family Handyman. Here's why we love it.

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    How to Organize a Small Bedroom to Maximize Space

    Here's our expert advice for decluttering your small bedroom space and keeping it organized.

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    10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

    Little bedrooms don't have to feel that way. Try these small bedroom decorating ideas to give yours a bigger, brighter...

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    10 Best Small Space Nightstands

    If your bedroom is puny, you need a nightstand that won't take up much real estate while providing at least...

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    Best Pillow Arrangements for Any Bed

    Some Family Handyman pillow talk: Tactics for how to arrange pillows on any bed. A little style, a little substance...

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    Up Your Sleep Game with These Cloud-Like Mattress Toppers

    A simple way to add an extra layer of cushioning and support to your sleeping surface, a mattress topper also...

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    11 Best Space-Saving Beds

    Want to make the most of your home's limited footprint? Here's a rundown of the best space-saving beds for small...

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    Deals We Love: Bedding and Bath Decor

    The Home Depot's "Days of Decor" sale is offering massive deals on just about everything. All bedding and bath decor...

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    College Checklist for Kids Moving Off Campus

    So you're moving off-campus? Use this college checklist to make sure you have everything you need for off-campus living.

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    The Best Folding Beds for Small Spaces

    Folding beds are a great way to transform small spaces into guest rooms in no time. Here are the best...

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    10 Best Mattress Sales for Labor Day

    Sleep easier by getting a new mattress at a fantastic price with these Labor Day sales.

    13 Surprising Bedroom Items You Should Have Replaced by Now

    If you need a reason to splurge on new bedding, we have some good news — it's probably reached its...

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    11 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas to Save Space

    Hunting for small bedroom storage ideas? If you're lacking space — but not creativity — check out these 11 tiny...

    12 Master Bedroom Color Combos We Love

    Finding the perfect palette for your sleep sanctuary has never been easier. Check out the master bedroom color combinations that...

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    10 Ideas for Painting a Boy’s Bedroom

    Traditional to modern, action-packed to Zen. Check out these 10 boy's bedroom paint ideas and choose the one that best...

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    10 Super-Cool Ideas for Painting a Girl’s Bedroom

    Color, pattern, details and more. Check out these easy girl's room paint ideas to make your child's room as unique...

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    Want Better Sleep? Check Out IKEA’s Nationwide After Dark Sleep Festival

    Head to IKEA this weekend and learn how to take back control of your sleep.

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    How to Design a Gender-Neutral Nursery

    Looking for fresh ideas for your baby's nursery? We curated a list of ways to focus on design and inspiration...

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    10 Storage Beds That Are Just as Stylish as They Are Useful

    Storage might not always be synonymous with style, but it is possible. Elegant solutions to space-saving and organization exist, right...

    Create the Ultimate Sleeping Room

    Bedroom upgrades for better sleep. Here are 15 tips from a sleep expert to help you get the Z’s you...

    Flooring Ideas for the Bedroom

    These bedroom flooring ideas help you decide what flooring is best for your bedroom.

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    Why You Need to Replace Your Mattress Sooner Than 7 Years

    Find out the reasons why you should replace a mattress sooner than every seven years.