Keep your home tidy and organized with some of the most clever closet storage ideas.

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    15 Weird Objects Our Readers Found Lurking Behind Their Walls

    From old newsprint to weapons to mummified animals, we asked our readers to show us treasures they found behind the walls of their homes. They didn't disappoint.

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    8 Best Shoe Organizers for Your Closet

    Bring order to the shoe pile-up with these best-of-the-best organizers that target closet shoe storage.

    Deals We Love: Closet Organizers

    Ready, set, organize your closet and save 25 percent!

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    How to Organize a Small Foyer Closet

    A tiny closet near the front door can quickly turn into a big mess. Find out how to take control...

    How to Organize a Small Closet for Kids

    These tips and tricks will help you organize a small closet in a kids' room, and make it easy for...

    How to Organize a Small Linen Closet

    Never dig through piles of sheets and towels again! Even the smallest linen closet can be organized with these space-saving...

    How to Organize a Small Closet to Maximize Space

    Small closets can contain plenty when you employ these expert clutter-cutting tips and clever storage systems.

    Reader Project: Bedroom Closet to Cabinet Transformation

    Three big drawers in this bedroom closet take the place of a dresser, and there’s a slide out laundry hamper. Big doors...

    Build Your Own Melamine Closet Organizer

    From anarchy to order in a weekend! Melamine panels make it easy. Build your own white closet organization system with...

    How to Organize a Closet Like a Pro

    Clothing, clothing everywhere but not an outfit to wear! It's an issue many of us have, which can likely be...

    How to Build a Wall-to-Wall Closet with Doors

    Steal a few feet from the end of your bedroom and add a wall-to-wall closet with doors. Here are the...

    15 Kids Closet Organization Ideas and Products to Help!

    When you're a parent, time is at a premium. Spending a little bit of money up front to keep your...

    How to Triple Your Closet Storage Space with DIY Built in Closet Drawers

    Build your own closet organizer for half the cost of buying.

    Easy Ways to Expand Your Closet Space

    Maximize the space you already have with these space saving closet ideas.

    How to Install Wire Shelving for a Wire Closet System

    Our expert will share his secrets to help you install closet wire shelving.

    Closet Organization: A Simple Closet Rod and Shelf System

    Double the storage space in your closet with this DIY closet rod and shelf.

    Build a Low Cost Custom Closet

    A designer closet without the designer price!

    No-Slip Clothes Hanger

    Try this quick trick for non-slip clothes hanger.

    Bubble Wrap® Hanger Hack

    Hang your dress pants on the Bubble Wrap® hanger hack and in your closet. Next time you want to wear...

    15 Tips for Reclaiming Closet Space

    Is your closet overflowing? Never fear—follow our 15 top tips for reclaiming closet space and you'll have all the space...

    Build Twin Closet Shelves

    If one closet shelf is good, two must be better

    Organization: The Closet

    Organize any closet with these easy-to-build boxes

    How to Organize Your Closet: Custom Designed Closet Storage

    Expert planning advice and step-by-step instructions for making every inch of storage count.