Kitchen Cabinets

A variety of kitchen cabinet materials and design ideas to keep your kitchen fun and functional.

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    20 Tips on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

    If you want to upgrade your kitchen without spending a lot of money, knowing how to paint kitchen cabinets is...

    10 Different (But Cool) Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

    Take your kitchen cabinet doors from drab to fab with these out-of-the-box options.

    15 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers That Will Change Your Life

    If you're lacking kitchen storage space and need a quick fix, try these unique kitchen cabinet organizers.

    10 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    These creative kitchen cabinet ideas are great for creating the illusion of space and bringing color and modernization to any...

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    Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

    Color cabinets are back! Here are eight trending favorites.

    Under-Cabinet Drawer

    Extra storage right where you need it!

    Build the Ultimate Container Storage Cabinet

    No more digging for the right lid!

    Waterfall Countertop Ideas We Love

    Often seen on home improvement shows, waterfall countertops are gaining popularity as they offer a stunning look for nearly every...

    13 Stunning Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    For the better part of the last decade, homeowners, decorators and builders alike have transformed kitchens with the popular Tuscan...

    The Surefire Way to Clean Grease Off of Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Tired of the grime on your kitchen cabinets? We've got all the tips you need on how to clean your...

    Swing-out Storage Kitchen Cabinets

    Triple your cabinet space!

    Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

    A pro shows you the special installation techniques for these 'Euro-style' cabinets.