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Flip Out Over These 10 Awesome Sports-Themed Chairs

Add one of these incredible sports chairs to your collection

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One Expensive Chair

You’ve shelled out a couple of hundred bucks for hockey sticks through the years but once they’re snapped they go in the trash. Save them like HockeyStickBuilds on Etsy does and create a chair that’s priceless. Check out these 12 incredible repurposed creations, including a sports-themed dresser your slugger will love.

Photo: Via HockeyStickBuilds/Etsy

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A Spot for a Ski’s Bum

This chair is probably a little more comfy than the chairlift on the slopes and while it’s sad to retire an old pair of skis, this might be a good way to memorialize those sweet skis. See how you should store skis so they don’t fall on you in the garage.

Photo: Via ColoradoSkiChairs/Etsy

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19th Hole Seating

You might have wanted to snap a few of your clubs during the round after you snap-hooked a few too many shots but this clever chair will allow you to forget about the round and relax. The cupholder on a faux green adds a really nice touch, getting your drink into the cup might be the only shot you make all day.

Photo: Via ColoradoSkiChairs/Etsy

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Don’t Wreck Your Deck

This chair is a perfect gift for the skater in your family or a good reminder of what you’ll do to that skateboard some day.

Photo: Via Skatehome/Etsy

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mariano-rivera-broken-bat-chairJim Mone/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Chair of Broken Dreams

In 2013 as New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera embarked on his retirement tour in his final season teams lined up to give him gifts. The Minnesota Twins created a rocking chair built from the bats Rivera had broken against them through the years with his cut fastball. They dubbed the creation, “The Chair of Broken Dreams.” Check out a man cave built for the diehard baseball fan that is complete with incredible memorabilia you haven’t seen before.

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Throw ‘Em a Chair

This incredible baseball chair is something to marvel. The craftsmanship and the baseball bat supports make it one of the coolest woodworking projects around. Built from pine 2x4s, this chair is 3-feet in diameter is one of a kind, literally, though it’d be perfect for one of these outrageous man caves that will have you thinking it’s only a game. 

Photo: Courtesy of Jackman Works

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Chair on the Go

This chair is perfect for on the go and maybe a little more relaxing than the standard camping chair seen on the sidelines. It’s customizable for your favorite team’s logo.

Photo: Via mamakohawaii/Etsy

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Bike Chair

This is either an incredible gift or a terrifying prank for the guy who loves to talk about his bike a little too much. No, we haven’t checked out that sweet new trail on our fat bike, Dave. But for the bike enthusiasts, here are some really cool accessories to add.

Photo: Via BikeFurniture/Etsy

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Grounded Pedal Pub

It’s tough to say how comfortable it would be sitting on a bike seat at the bar but it could beat peddling around in a pedal pub, which could turn into a long trip by the end of it. This is a awesomely creative reclamation project, just like these 80 items fantastically fit for repurposing.

Photo: Via smithersofstamford/Etsy

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Press Your Luck

Playing horseshoes is always a good time and you can take all of those shoes that weren’t ringers to use in making a really unique chair. Put it right next to the pit as you chide your friends during their throw.

Do you know which way a horseshoe should be hung in a house for good luck?

Photo: Via HeritageForgeUSA/Etsy

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Under the Weather Pod

If you’re sitting in one of these on the sideline you might embarrass your kid but that hasn’t stopped you before, plus you’ll be bone dry at the end of the game. It certainly beats sitting outside with an umbrella and the pod can keep you warm in those really cold games. You could add it to this list of 15 amazing camping gadgets because it can help you avoid the bugs, too.

Photo: Via Under the Weather Pod