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10 Beautiful Things You Can Make with Rope

Get wrapped up in these inspiring rope designs for the home.

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Tire Rope Ottoman

This earthy ottoman is sure to ground your living room space. And what’s cool is that it’s made with an old tire that’s wrapped in thick rope! Check out this tutorial to learn how to make your own.

Interested in making crafts with rope? Then you should know these five knots and how to tie them.

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Rope Basket

This lovely basket is handmade from cotton rope and thread. It can be used to hold toys, shoes, magazines—whatever! Check out this and other items made from rope at PrairieStMercantile.

Here are complete how-to instruction for building your own basket stand.

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frameNAR studio/Shutterstock

Rope Photo Frames

Make a wall gallery with frames. You can keep some as-is, paint others bright colors and wrap the rest in rope! Here’s a great DIY tutorial.

Check out our favorite DIY picture frame ideas for more inspiration.

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Headboard Rope Trellis

Who needs a fancy headboard when you can lean your bed against this stunning, earthy backdrop? The vertical ropes drape down while ivy climbs up! Here are 14 more dreamy DIY headboard ideas you’ll love.

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Rope Candlesticks

Add a little color to your chic and soothing candlesticks by wrapping old wine bottles in rope, then sticking the candles in the mouth of the bottle. This DIY tutorial is incredibly simple to follow, yet the results are impeccable!

Another fun DIY project? These beeswax candles made in glass yogurt jars!

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coasterMaria Dryfhout/Shutterstock

Rope Coaster

Don’t ruin the hard work you put in for that amazing backyard table with drink rings! Make these rope coasters to add a touch of decor while also keeping your table in great condition. Check out this tutorial for inspiration.

Haven’t made an outdoor table yet? Here are five you can create.

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shelfunited photo studio/Shutterstock

Driftwood Rope Swing Shelf

Who needs a regular old shelf when you can make something like a driftwood rope swing shelf? Sounds much more creative, doesn’t it?! It looks like a rope swing that you attach to the wall, where you can place little plants and candles, or functional things. Here’s a tutorial.

Be sure to check out these DIY floating shelves too!

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Rope Napkin Holder

This is more than tying a cute little piece of rope around your napkin on the table (but that is a super simple idea we love!) If you want your napkins on your table for people to grab at their leisure, make their holder decorative by wrapping it in rope. Need a new table? Check out this built-to-last viking long table.

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Hanging Rope Light

The minimalism trend is here to stay, so why not make it funky? This hanging rope light idea is super simple, yet really adds a touch of creativity that rounds out a room. Here’s an idea for hanging them by your bedside.

Love good lighting? Check out these 14 modern pendant lighting trends.

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wordsEfetova Anna/Shutterstock

Write Words

Rope can be used to spell out your child’s name, labels for storage containers or simply a favorite word. Experiment with different thicknesses of rope until you get the look you like. Then you can soak the rope in glue and shape just the way you want.

Want to know more about which glue work best on wood? Check out our guide!

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