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10 Best Selling Garden Tools on QVC

With gardening season in full swing, you might be in the market for some new gardening tools. QVC has everything you need to keep your garden growing. Here are 10 of their best-selling garden tools.

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Telescoping Ratchet Pruners

Whether your maple is shading your broccoli or your blackberries need pruning, these telescoping ratchet pruners work great. The curved blade is perfect for small branches and the telescoping handles help you to reach farther than you thought possible.

Use this three-cut process to prune trees without harming the tree.

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Bigger Digger 6-in-1 Garden Tool

QVC knows that nothing beats a tool with more than one use. This handy 6-in-1 tool will replace your trowel, bulb planter, weeder and more. The big stainless steel bowl scoops out potting soil with ease and the serrated edge cuts through the most stubborn weeds and roots.

Gardening will be easier with these additional must-have tools.

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Japanese Hand Cultivator with Hardwood Handle

Loosen compacted soil easily with this hand cultivator. It has three sharpened steel tines and a hardwood handle to help you not just dig in, but also get the weeds out. Note that these best-sellers are now only $16.32.

Use these natural techniques to get rid of weeds.

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Mini Gardening Shovel & Spade

This handy shovel/spade hybrid breaks up dry compacted and rocky soil with ease. Only 30-inches long and with a spear-shaped head, this shovel was designed for small gardeners who have trouble wielding a full-size spade.

Check out this mega-list of colorful plants to brighten up your garden.

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Long-Handled Gardening Shovel & Spade

QVC has something for everyone. Similar to the 30-inch mini, this long-handled gardening shovel/spade is for the tall gardener. With the same hybrid design, the yellow handle is 58-inches long.

Learn to dig a hole the right way from the pros.

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Easy Grip Secateurs with Protective Sheath

Prune your roses in comfort with these easy-grip secateurs. With perfectly curved chrome-plated blades, this tool includes a protective sheath for safe storage.

Become a pruning pro with this guide from the editors of Birds & Blooms.

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One-Handed Adjustable Hand Shears

Light-weight but durable, these hand shears will help you trim your grass, flowers and hedge, and the locking blade will keep you safe.

Follow these simple steps to keep your gardening blades sharp.

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Garden Edger

Keep unwanted grass out of your garden bed with this RootSlayer Edger. Extra wide to cut through sod and roots, the tempered carbon steel blade will help you keep your garden neat and tidy all summer long.

For an attractive garden, try these edging tips and ideas.

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Compact Ratcheting Clippers

Deadhead your flowers or trim berries easily with these compact ratcheting clippers. The scissor action from these thin blades won’t tire your hands when you have a big job to do.

For plants that practically take care of themselves, try these wildflowers in your garden.

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Heavy-Duty Canvas Garden Tote

Here’s what you need to organize and haul around your new gardening tools—this canvas garden tote!

To store larger tools near the garden, build this compact garden closet.

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