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9 Ideas for a Textured Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great way to update a room, whether it's used in the living room, a bedroom or even a bathroom. Go beyond just a coat of paint and explore these 10 ideas for a one-of-a-kind look.

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concrete wallnoreefly/Shutterstock

Concrete Wall

Don’t be afraid to go with an unconventional look. Here’s a wall of exposed concrete that works well with the minimalist and modern decor.

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Textured Paint

Try adding some texture on your painted accent wall. One option is Venetian wall plaster. This is a great way to hide flaws in troubled walls.

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Trim Accent Wall

This DIYer used wood trim to create a textured accent wall in the bedroom. They then covered up the wall with a bold paint color.

Photo: Courtesy of Classy Clutter

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Herringbone Brick

Herringbone Brick

Looking for a unique twist on the brick look? Here’s a stunning accent wall that uses brick in a herringbone pattern. Try recreating this look with tile!

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Wood Edge Wall

If you don’t want to use reclaimed wood on an entire wall, try this unique look. Stain some reclaimed wood and stack it on its edge to create this one-of-a-kind accent wall design.

Photo: Courtesy of Roca Woodworks

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stone woodalabn/Shutterstock

Stone and Wood Combo

This bathroom uses a mix of stone and wood for the walls. For a project you can complete in a weekend, try adding some stone tile to one wall of your bathroom.

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Exposed Brickmirtmirt/Shutterstock

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a popular choice for a textured accent wall. For a spin on the look, try painting some of the brick.

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Patchwork Wall

This textured accent wall uses wood trim to create a design, then wallpaper to complete the look. Try using removable or “peel and stick” or prepasted wallpaper in several patterns for a fun look.

Photo: Courtesy of Reality Daydream

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Collage Wall

Here’s another accent wall idea that can double as a piece of artwork. Try using a variety of shapes of wood, tile or other materials to create a collage on the wall.

Photo: Courtesy of Peter Glassford

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