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10 Really Cool Pet Products You Can Buy on Amazon

If you love spoiling your four-legged friends with the latest and greatest stuff, keep reading. These are our favorite finds for dogs and cats that you can buy online.

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Luxury Cat Hammock

Hammocks for humans are certainly trendy right now, so why shouldn’t your kitty be able to enjoy one, too? Keep your cat feeling relaxed and very spoiled with this unique and easy-to-assemble luxury cat hammock. It features a wood base with anchors to reduce swaying, making it the perfect peaceful spot for your pet. Better yet, this product comes with a complementary toy.

Buy this on Amazon now.

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Doggy Car Seat

All dogs love looking out the window on a car ride, right? This dog car seat is ideal for small dogs of 25 pounds or less that are too short to see out the window. Its faux sheep-fur lining makes for a warm and comfortable seat that has a little extra height to help your dog see what you see while cruising down the road. It also comes with a connection strap for the seat belt, so your pal will be safe. Plus: Every pet owner should know these basic cleaning tips.

Get this seat for your small dog today.

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Remote Control Spider

If you find your cat or dog always chasing down flies, ants and other random bugs in your home, this toy is a must-have. The tarantula-like toy comes with a remote control and will for sure keep your pet occupied for hours. Plus, it makes for a good prank on friends and family, too!

Order this toy for your pet now.

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Grooming Gloves

We are all guilty of forgetting to brush our furry friends sometimes. With these grooming gloves, it’s as convenient to bush your dog or cat as it is to pet them. And the special material catches the hairs, so you can dispose of them rather than make a mess. The bristles also stimulate blood circulation and distribute your pet’s natural oils for a smoother, healthier coat. It’s safe for dogs, cats and even horses. Click here for some carpet cleaning tips for pet owners!

Buy these gloves now.

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Kitty Heating Pad

Any cat owner knows that felines are notorious for falling asleep in that one small spot of sunlight on the carpet, up against a heating vent, or really any place with a little extra warmth. This heated kitty bed is specifically for pets. It has chew-resistant cords and will not overheat; plus the entire thing is waterproof. Click here to learn which 11 items in your home are the most hazardous for your pets.

Get it on Amazon now.

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GoPro Harness for Your Dog

This pet GoPro harness is a perfect gift for any outdoorsy dog lover. It will securely mount your GoPro camera on top of your dog’s back, capturing seriously cool footage from their point of view. Just think, you could see the world through your dog’s eyes.

Is your dog too old or small to jump up on your sofa or bed? If so, you can build this collapsible ramp!

Buy this harness today.

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Cat Tree Scratching Post

Keep your cats from destroying your furniture by giving them a toy that they can scratch to their heart’s content. This activity tree scratching post is wrapped with durable hemp rope and features dangling carrots to bat around, too.

Get this scratching post now.

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Sling Carrier

There are sling carriers for babies, so why not something similar for small dogs? Oh wait, it exists! This doggy carrier comes in a variety of different colors and can hold up to 12 pounds, so you can carry your puppy to the park hands-free.

Buy this on Amazon now.

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Window-Mounted Cat Bed

Yet another classic cat move is jumping onto windowsills. Your cat will love lounging in this window-mounted cat bed. It’s really easy to assemble and has four very strong suction cups that can hold up to 50 pounds. The soft fabric bed comes in a variety of colors and it’s machine washable.

Order this window seat.

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Back Seat Cover

Love taking your dog places, but hate the mess they make in your car? Replace that measly old beach towel you’ve been using to protect your back seat with this padded, waterproof cover that will protect your back seat plus all of the surrounding surfaces inside your car. Installation is easy with seat anchors and straps that go around your headrests, and nonstick pads on the bottom that will help keep the cover in place. Better yet, this durable cover is portable and easy to pack up.

Get it on Amazon now.

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