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10 Showerheads for a Better Shower Experience

Your shower should be a relaxing experience and a great shower head can make all the difference. Whether you like a rainfall design, want music to set the mood or are looking for a showerhead that conserves water, there are plenty of options available at various price points. Here are 10 showerheads that will make your next shower more relaxing.

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WaterTile by KohlerPhoto: Courtesy of Kohler

WaterTile by Kohler

This 54-nozzle showerhead from Kohler delivers a relaxing spray that will transform your shower into a soothing hydrotherapy experience. While it is wall-mounted, it is still fully adjustable and provides a pivoting spray face. It also resists mineral buildup for years of reliability. Learn tips to keep your showerheads clean. Speaking of, here's how to clean a shower head without removing it.
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DreamSpa 5-Setting Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Hand ShowerPhoto: Courtesy of DreamSpa

DreamSpa 5-Setting Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Hand Shower

Described as the "World's Most Advanced LED Hand Shower," this color-changing model from DreamSpa features a three-color-changing water temperature sensor. The blue shows cool water (under 95 degrees F), green for warm (95-108 degrees F), red for hot (109-122 degrees F) and flashing red for very hot. Bonus: The five-setting hand shower can be used overhead or as a handheld.
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Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain ShowerheadPhoto: Courtesy of Moen

Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain Showerhead

You'll get the best of both worlds with this 8-in. showerhead from Moen, because it delivers both rain and jet sprays. It also offers immersion technology that allows for a concentrated jet spray. Bonus: On Amazon, buyers give the rain showerhead high ratings.
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Chromo H2OVibe Rain Shower with Wireless SpeakerAmazon

Chromo H2OVibe Rain Shower with Wireless Speaker

Feel free to sing along with your favorite tune with this rain showerhead with wireless speaker from H20Vibe. The showerhead includes a rain-style showerhead and the little water holes surround a Bluetooth speaker. It can connect to your music source up to 33 ft. away. Bonus: Reviewers not only liked the wireless capabilities, but said the rain showerhead offered strong water flow.
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Speakman Icon S-2252 Multi-Function ShowerheadPhoto: Courtesy of Speakman

Speakman Icon S-2252 Multi-Function Showerhead

Not a fan of the rain showerhead? No problem. This high-pressure showerhead from Speakman features six adjustable jets and delivers up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute which will feel great on your sore back muscles. Buyers also said the showerhead even worked well in homes with low water pressure. Learn how you can Boost Low Water Pressure in your House. Bonus: It's available in six finishes.
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Delta Vero ShowerheadPhoto: Courtesy of Delta

Delta Vero Showerhead

The Vero shower heads from Delta provides a steady, full-coverage spray for those seeking an overhead model with consistency. Whether you're relaxing tired muscles or rinsing out conditioner, this showerhead has you covered. "It's just a peaceful rain drop you're under," says one reviewer. "Looking forward to enjoying this experience for years to come." Bonus: It installs in minutes.
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Shift 2-Way Ellipse Hand ShowerKohler

Shift 2-Way Ellipse Hand Shower

If you're looking for a hand shower, this Shift 2-Way Ellipse model from Kohler offers a contemporary look with two spray options. The Shift model also features a lower flow rate for those looking to conserve water without compromising performance. Bonus: The hand-held design allows you to target specific areas with a concentrated massage setting.
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American Standard Flowise Water-Saving ShowerheadPhoto: Courtesy of American Standard

American Standard Flowise Water-Saving Showerhead

Those looking for water performance without blowing the budget can find just what they're looking for in the Flowise Water-Saving Showerhead from American Standard. This model uses 40 percent less water than most showerheads, yet it pressurizes water and uses a turbine to increase flow. Users can choose between a regular spray, a directed turbine spray or a combination of the two. Learn more ways to conserve water use in the bathroom. Bonus: Adjustments and installation are easy.

Want to easily upgrade your shower head? Take a look at this filtered shower head.

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Nebia Shower SystemNebia

Nebia Shower System

Nebia believes the key to a great shower is how much water comes into contact with your skin. The Nebia Shower System is a blending of a steam room with a shower. The system releases millions of tiny droplets (at a high velocity) that envelop your body and the system boosts up to 70 percent in water savings. Bonus: The system can have a big impact in cutting your water usage over a prolonged period.
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Delta 75152 Single Function ShowerheadDelta

Delta 75152 Single Function Showerhead

This popular model from Delta combines good water flow with a low-price point for those on a budget. While the Delta 75152 Single Function Showerhead is a "no frill" showerhead, it does get positive reviews and offers a water flow between 1.85 GPM and 2.5 GPM. It offers two jet settings and two water flow settings. Bonus: It's easy to install.

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