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10 Top-Rated Watering Can Options on Amazon

From metal to plastic, big to small, and even downright funny, there's something for everyone in this collection of watering cans. And, they all have an average rating of four stars or more!

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Collapsible Garden Watering Can and Bucket

The creative design of this two-in-one watering can makes it function as a portable bucket that converts to a watering can. It’s durable and lightweight, features a hanging loop for easy storage, and saves space because it’s collapsible.

“I got this watering ‘can’ to use for gardening,” says an Amazon reviewer. “We just bought a ton of trees and the hose only reaches a few of them, so I’ve been hauling water. I like the flow of the watering attachment and it hasn’t popped off or leaked at all. The weight is great and the handle is really comfortable even when the bucket is full (I was pleasantly surprised).”

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MyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can

This 1/2-gallon watering can with a narrow spout is great for watering small potted plants, especially indoors. It’s made from high-quality resin, features a strong carrying capacity and has a comfortable grip. The no-cap design ensures the can is easy to fill with water, as well.

“The fill hole is large enough to mix plant food and fill with water without dripping on the outside of the can,” says an Amazon reviewer. “The handle feels nice on hand. When you walk, the water doesn’t splash out from the spout. The spout is upright so it stores without taking up much space. I love it so much I keep it on the counter because it just makes me so happy. I’d give it 10 stars if I could. So adorable.”

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Charm & Chic Decorative Sunflower & Ladybug Metal Watering Can

This adorable metal watering can is the perfect purchase for someone who has potted herbs and other small plants adorning their front door and more. Capable of holding four cups of water, it will serve as a sweet statement piece.

One Amazon reviewer notes how the small size makes it the ideal can for kids who want to help water the garden. And another reviewer says, “Very cute. Perfect to be placed next to plant on front porch.”

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4 / 10

Long-Spout Shower Head Watering Can

The long-spout design of this watering can prevents water from spilling out when the can is tipped forward for watering. Suitable for all kinds of watering, the can features a pointed spout that provides good flow control, while the overall one-piece construction eliminates leaks. The shower attachment is gentle when watering plants.

“I’ve been looking for a houseplant watering can with a sprinkler attachment for quite a while,” says an Amazon reviewer. “This really is the perfect size and design. My plants and I thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!”

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Behrens 3-Gallon Steel Watering Can

This hot-dipped steel watering can provides the strength and durability of steel while offering a vintage look. What’s especially nice about the steel is that it won’t absorb odors, won’t rust and is fully recyclable. The large rose (head) disperses water evenly, but is not meant to be detached.

One Amazon reviewer says, “This watering can is exactly what I wanted. It holds a lot of water. I have had it now for over two months and not a bit of evidence that it will ever rust (that was a worry I had because I’ve read reviews on other cans and rust is a common issue), and I leave water in it most nights. I also leave it outside.The sprinkle pattern it produces is nice and wide and throws the water far, if you let the water go full-blast, which is done by giving it a more pronounced tip forward. But when I want the spray to not go as far, that’s not a problem. I just don’t tip it as much and that controls the spray pattern.”

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Novelty Lucky Duck Watering Can

Whether for the kids or just to add a little humor to your watering chores, this 1-gallon capacity, duck-shaped watering can is sure to bring a smile. It’s made of high-density polyethylene plastic for increased strength and durability, while the duckbill squirts for a unique pour stream.

“Big! Colorful! Holds tons of water. Only small caution: the water really pours out of the duck’s beak, so approach the first few times with care, until you get the hang of it — great buy,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Gardener’s Supply Company French Blue Watering Can

This lightweight and strong watering can is made of polyethylene plastic and stainless steel. Perfectly balanced for easy carrying and pouring, the can’s large 3-gallon capacity saves trips. The removable rose (head) features a stainless steel face plate that comes off for easier cleaning.

“A large container for outside flower pots. Beautiful color, great handle and optional spraying head,” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Watering Can with Sprayer

This multi-functional watering can lets you to water the soil and spray foliage without having to change containers! Use the long spout for precise watering, and mist leaves by turning the nozzle on the sprayer to the open position, then squeeze the trigger.

“It does everything I need it to do for a great price. It’s easy to use the spray feature, the rain spout, or to take of the rain cap and just use it is a spout. It’s awesome!” says one Amazon reviewer.

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Rainmaker Watering Can

This 3.2-gallon watering can is made of heavy-duty plastic that makes it hold up well to the wear and tear of the growing season. It’s also lightweight and well-balanced. The can comes with a rose (head) designed for a fine, even spray. You can also detach it to customize water flow. The ergonomic design features two handle positions with textured grip for more control and easy pouring.

“Love this watering can!” says an Amazon reviewer. “The removable rain spout is great, and something I didn’t realize when purchasing was that the spout fits right on that weird little post sticking out of the middle of the can. Very clever engineering. I have a variety of setups in my gardens which require creative watering. Sometimes I just want to be able to have a gentle watering without needing to drag the hose out. That’s when the rain spout is great.”

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10 / 10

Myer Industries Ergonomic Watering Can

This inexpensive watering can features an ergonomic handle and balanced design for painless lifting and pouring. Meanwhile, the large, offset opening ensures effortless filling from the sink or spigot. The long, drip-resistant spout delivers a proper, steady stream when watering.

“This is a huge help. Lightweight (even when full), Sturdy. Holds plenty of water. And the side hole makes it easy to fill. Great watering can!” says an Amazon reviewer.

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