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10 Unbelievable Paint Tools You Can Get at QVC

QVC has broadened its scope and become a go-to source for home improvement items. If you're getting ready to start a painting project—whether a room, the exterior of your home or a piece of furniture—check out these must-have paint tools from QVC.

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Smart Roller Bundle

QVC offers the Smart Flow Roller Bundle, which includes an edge roller, flow roller and two sizes of roller covers to make your next paint project a breeze. The battery-powered control feeds paint from the handle reservoir, while the edge guard helps clean up the corners. Batteries are included.

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Ladder Paint Tank

The Ladder Fuel Tank Paint Tray makes painting those high corners and ceilings easier. The vertical paint tray is designed to fit on Little Giant brand ladders and holds up to a full gallon of paint. A magnetic holder will keep your brush from slipping into the paint and the tray can also stand alone on its base, like a bucket. “Purchased for my husband’s birthday, he loves it. Great addition to Little Giant Ladder,” said one buyer.

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Paint Sprayer

Get a clean, even coat of paint every time with this HVLP Control Paint Sprayer from Wagner. It features three different spray patterns and ensures a professional finish with virtually no overspray. “Bought the sprayer over two years ago and have used it on wood projects (furniture) and stained a 24×15 deck. Have never had an issue. This is a really good lightweight, around-the-house-projects sprayer,” said one reviewer on QVC.

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Three-Step Ladder

When you need a little extra height to finish that painting project, try the Jumbo 3-Step Lightweight Step Stool with Safety Bar from Little Giant. The top bar helps with stabilization, or use it to keep small tools—such as your paintbrush and rag—within close reach.

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Lighted Safety Glasses

Keep paint and fumes from getting in your eyes with these lighted safety glasses from LightSpecs. The built-in LED light will allow you to keep your hands free for painting projects when you need a little extra light.

This is the safety gear every DIYer should own.

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Ladder Organizer

Perfect for holding all those painting tools, this ladder organizer from Little Giant attaches directly to your X-Tra Lite step ladder’s top cap. You can also hang the organizer from the wall to keep all those must-have supplies within arm’s reach.

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Aluminum Work Platform

Little Giant’s heavy-duty work platform makes painting projects a bit easier. The platform fits on any American Titan by Little Giant ladder rung. It supports up to 300 pounds and tucks away when not needed. “This platform was an excellent purchase. It provides a wide, stable surface to stand on and it is handy to sit things on if I don’t want to stand on it,” said one buyer.

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Portable Spray Brush

QVC offers this portable spray brush which doesn’t require power cords or batteries. The pump-powered spray brush makes quick work of paint project cleanups. It has a 1.3-gallon capacity and a trigger to control water flow.

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Waterproof Headlamp

When you need a little extra light for painting projects, just strap on this waterproof headlamp. It features an ultra-bright focused LED beam and six auxiliary LEDs so you’ll always have plenty of light.

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Heat Gun

This heat gun from Wagner will help you remove that old paint before applying a new coat. It has two temperature settings and one buyer noted it also comes in handy to help your paint projects dry faster. “I have space issues and must work on my front porch making my projects prone to cold weather, pollen, insects, etc. Now I can dry the paint just enough so nothing will stick to it and at the same time the moving hot air keeps particulate and insects away from my project. Love the Wagner Furno300,” one buyer said.

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