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10 Ways to Let Your Kids Help With DIY Projects

As a parent, it can be exciting, yet nerve-wracking when your child wants to "help" you with DIY projects. You want them to learn important DIY skills, but you don't want them to get hurt (or ruin the project). Here are 10 ways to let your kids help with DIY projects so they learn valuable skills in a safe, supervised setting.

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Assemble Furniture

Kids like to help out, so next time you buy a bookshelf or table from IKEA, get them involved. Show them how to follow the assembly instructions and the importance of making sure you have all the pieces sorted out before you get started.

Here are 16 reasons why IKEA is a DIYers dream destination.

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Paint a Room

They should learn how to use a paintbrush at some point, right? Get them excited about the project by having them pick out a paint color for their bedroom. Of course, you don’t want a young child painting an entire room, but depending on their age and skill level they can certainly help you out with the project by taping off trim, stirring the paint or even using a roller on the wall.

Here are 12 more ideas for perfect projects to do with kids.

Here’s how to teach your teenager how to paint their room.

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Fix a Door Handle

Small DIY maintenance jobs around the house are perfect for including children. Grab a screwdriver and show them how to tighten up screws next time you have a loose door handle.

These 30 gift ideas are great for DIY kids.

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Build Wooden Toys

Older kids will enjoy learning woodworking skills by making wooden airplanes and cars. Take them to the lumber yard, home center or hardware store to buy supplies and spend the afternoon working with them on skills such as using a saw and sandpaper. Then, have them enjoy the satisfaction of assembling the project with nails, screws and wood glue.

Try these 19 surprisingly easy woodworking projects for beginners.

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Make a Birdhouse

A birdhouse is a simple afternoon project that will teach your child skills such as measuring, using a saw and painting or staining wood. Plus, bird-watching is a relaxing pastime they may also enjoy.

Here are complete instructions for how to build a birdhouse that requires only a few simple tools.

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Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle maintenance is a skill that will come in handy as kids get older and head out biking on their own. Show them how to fix a loose bike chain, how to put air in a tire, check brakes and change a tire.

Here’s a helpful guide so you can teach your child how to change a bike tire.

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Hang Wallpaper

Depending on your child’s age and skill level, have them help you out with home decorating projects such as hanging artwork or even wallpaper. Show them the importance of prepping the wall first and having patterns line up correctly. If they’re able, have them hang a piece or two on their own.

These 10 tips will make hanging wallpaper a breeze.

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Fix a Clogged Drain

Next time you have a clogged sink drain, have your little helper grab a wrench and show them how it’s done. Show them the importance of using a bucket to catch water and how to successfully remove a clog and put the pipes back together.

You can do these 10-minute home improvement projects with your kids.

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Measuring is an essential DIY skill they’ll use for the rest of their lives. So, any time you need to measure something, it’s an opportunity to get your kids involved. Teach young DIYers how to use a tape measure, the importance of checking their measurements and how to convert to the metric system, when necessary.

Pros offer these tips for getting your kids involved with DIY projects.

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Gardening and Yard Work

Get your hands dirty and show kids the joy to be found in gardening and yard work. Plant a vegetable, herb or flower garden together. (No room for a garden in your yard? You can grow these vegetables in pots!) Rake leaves (and jump in the pile, of course!). Depending on their age, show them how to use a lawn mower and the value of having a compost pile.

Try these 10 parent-child DIY projects for the backyard.

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