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10 Ways to Make a Cozy Kitchen for the Holidays

From making meals and cookies to entertaining guests, there's a good chance you'll spend a lot of time in the kitchen this holiday season. Here are 10 ways to make a cozy kitchen you and your family and friends will enjoy.

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Decorate the TabletopLightField Studios/Shutterstock

Decorate the Tabletop

If you have an eat-in kitchen, put down a festive tablecloth and some cloth napkins. And keep items such as a jar of honey, salt and pepper, some Christmas cookies, along with silverware on the table. Add a small vase with some flowers and it will become an inviting cozy kitchen space to sit down and enjoy a meal, snack or cup of hot cocoa.
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Seasonal SmellsKei Shooting/Shutterstock

Seasonal Smells

Add some holiday fragrance to your cozy kitchen with a simmering potpourri. And just fill a pot with some water and aromatic ingredients, bring it to a low boil on the stove top and then turn it down and simmer for a few hours. (Set a timer on your phone so you don't forget about it.) Orange peels, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks provide a traditional holiday scent for your cozy kitchen.
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Add ArtworkVivite/Shutterstock

Add Artwork

If you have some open wall space, counter space or open shelving, put up a couple pieces of artwork or other holiday decorations. And try a couple seasonal pieces, your child's artwork that has been transferred to canvas or a framed affirmation.
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The Right LightTomas Nevesely/Shutterstock

The Right Light

Try placing a small table lamp on the end of a long kitchen island or counter, such as a salt lamp. And the light from the lamp will make the space feel more cozy when you don't need bright task lighting.
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Keep Fruit on the

Keep Fruit on the Counter

A fruit bowl on the kitchen counter not only encourages visitors to grab a (healthy) snack, it can serve as a decoration. And stick with fruits that won't rot quickly, such as apples, oranges, pears, pomegranates and grapefruit.
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Decorate the Windows2M media/Shutterstock

Decorate the Windows

Try hanging a festive decoration in your cozy kitchen window. And try a small strand of LED Christmas lights or a fresh wreath.
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Set Up a Coffee Barfunkyfrogstock/Shutterstock

Set Up a Coffee Bar

Set aside a small corner of your kitchen and assemble a coffee bar. And think specialty coffees, hot chocolate mixes and teas, along with sugars, honey and some cinnamon. Keep a couple mugs out and invite guests to help themselves.
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Make a CenterpieceSteve Heap/Shutterstock

Make a Centerpiece

Try putting some pine cones in a large, clear glass vase or bowl, or some evergreen branches atop a vase filled partially with cranberries. And leave a centerpiece out on the kitchen island, on the counter or dining table.
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Get Comfyheliopix/Shutterstock

Get Comfy

Add some decorative holiday pillows to a bench. And you can also add some pads to dining chairs or island bar stools for a comfortable place for people to sit and linger.
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Add CandlesAgnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

Add Candles

Try adding some candles to your cozy kitchen. And consider small votive candles in jars or tie cinnamon sticks around a larger vanilla-scented candle.

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