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11 Awesome Ideas for DIY Cat Furniture

Here's how to create the best spaces for your kitties without breaking the bank on expensive store-bought cat furniture.

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Cat Furniture: Kitty Shelveskarinrin/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: Kitty Shelves

Cats love clambering on and over shelves, so why not make some shelves just for them? Convert old shelves into cat shelves and line them with carpet scraps. Cut in holes or gaps so cats can explore multiple shelves. And if you want to simply buy some inexpensive shelves and install them, here's how.
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Cat Furniture: Recycled Suitcase BedPoprotskiy Alexey/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: Recycled Suitcase Bed

Have a suitcase that you'd like to replace? So why not turn the old one into a DIY cat furniture bed? Just fill one half with the stuffing of your choice, cover and seal it with a durable fabric, and attach simple legs to the bottom of the suitcase. There are many different versions you can look at for inspiration – you can even use the second half of the suitcase for another bed!
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Cat Furniture: Cat Tree With Real Branches

Does your cat love to climb everywhere, including spots you'd wish they would stay away from? If so, why not build them a climbing tree using real branches? And as shown here, this can also be a beautiful piece of décor for your home, plus a safe option for curious cats.
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Cat Furniture: A Rocking Chair Base for Your Cat

Do you have an old rocking chair that you still love to use? Consider building up a small base between the legs for a cat pad where your cat can enjoy the gentle rocking motion with you. This chair was built using 3D models, but with a little imagination, you could turn any wooden rocker into a similar piece of cat furniture. And add some padding or a blanket, maybe some toys, and your cat may have a new favorite spot.
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Cat Furniture: A DIY Scratching PostYsbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: A DIY Scratching Post

A scratching post is one of the easiest DIY cat furniture projects, and often one of the most rewarding for your cat. Here are plans for one that uses basic plywood, wood posts, and sisal rope, a project well within a beginner's skill level.
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Cat Furniture: Turn a Stool Into a Multi-Level Play ZoneSash Kakash/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: Turn a Stool Into a Multi-Level Play Zone

Instead of throwing out that plain old boring kitchen stool, why not repaint it, redo the padding. And add a lower level hanging bed, and tie on some toys for an inexpensive and entertaining cat condo? It gives your kitty a new place to play, and in moments of need you can even use the cat furniture as a stool again.
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Cat Furniture: Shelves and Pegs for Cat StepsWarsongPhotography/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: Shelves and Pegs for Cat Steps

If you don't have the wall space required for full shelves for your cat to play on, consider installing a series of short shelves or pegs that will give your cat a little private walkway. Here's one version that repurposes old IKEA shelves. And for added fun, make sure the steps lead to a rewarding destination.
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Cat Furniture: Outdoor Cat HouseLinda Bucklin/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: Outdoor Cat House

If your cat likes spending time outside, consider giving them their own personal shelter. Here's a great plan to build shelters out of extruded Styrofoam insulation with smaller cat bunks inside.
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Cat Furniture: Indoor Catnip GardenLukasz Pawel Szczepanski/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: Indoor Catnip Garden

Cats love catnip, and you can delight them by building your own little garden of catnip indoors. And you can buy this kit or simply convert a shallow planter into a mini cat garden your kitty will love.
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Cat Furniture: Cat SolariumOkssi/Shutterstock

Cat Furniture: Cat Solarium

A cat solarium or window box is a structure that you attach to a lower window. And when the window is open, your cat/s can go out and settle down to enjoy the outdoor air and watch wildlife while remaining mostly inside. These solariums are typically covered with protective screens or cages, and come in many shapes and sizes. The key is to make sure that the window box can support your cat's weight. And that it is properly sealed to the window edge or siding to keep out drafts, insects and other pests. Cats love these, and it's a nice way to get them out of the house.

A cat window perch is another good option for cats who like looking out the window. It extends the window sill, giving cats a soft place to rest and enjoy the sunshine.

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Cat Furniture: Cabinet Litter Box

Do you wish that the litter box was nearly anywhere else but out in the open? And a growing trend is converting unused cabinet space into a litter box zone that your cat can crawl into to do their business. This cat furniture requires enough room and a little bit of carpentry, but there are plenty of different project ideas from which you can draw inspiration.