The Best Wheelbarrows of 2022

Tired of the same wobbly, scratched-up wheelbarrow? Upgrade to one of these 11 innovative models, with some of the most impressive features available today.

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Worx Aerocart

The Worx Aerocart manages to achieve several nearly impossible goals. It’s a powerful two-wheel wheelbarrow with enough strength to carry 200 pounds. Its highly advanced design helps to automatically center the load, making it easier to haul. You can also convert it to a dolly, add an accessory for hauling chopped wood and extend an arm to carry odd-shaped objects. This wheelbarrow will come in handy for almost any landscaping job. Plus, it’s easy to store in your garage.
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Gorilla Carts wheel barrow

Gorilla Cart

Sometimes you need a little more than the classic wheelbarrow to get things done. The Gorilla Cart is a heavy-duty trolley that’s designed for especially heavy objects that can’t be moved any other way. The trolley can hold up to 800 pounds, the steel mesh sides are removable for greater versatility and the pneumatic tires are durable enough to make many tough trips.

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Suncast LC1250D wheel barrow

Suncast LC1250D

This Suncast model takes a “bucket” approach to gardening. It’s a particularly useful wheelbarrow for two important tasks: Spreading mulch or soil (in lieu of carting bags around) and weeding/deadheading large gardens where you quickly end up with a trashcan worth of debris to cart away. It’s a great gardener’s friend for those situations where a more traditional design isn’t as helpful.
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Marathon Residential Yard Rover wheel barrow
Photo courtesy of Marathon

Marathon Residential Yard Rover

The Marathon Rover is a traditional wheelbarrow with a twist: It has a single handlebar up front. While this makes pushing the wheelbarrow a little more complicated, it’s handy when you need to pull your wheelbarrow to a certain location. If you prefer pulling to pushing (sometimes easier when going uphill), or your unique landscaping requires a lot of extra maneuvering to get the wheelbarrow in place, this feature could prove useful. Plus: 11 garage space-saving ideas.
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Jackson M6T22

Sometimes a traditional wheelbarrow is exactly what’s required, but your load demands an extra high-quality model. This Jackson barrow fits that need perfectly. It’s a contractor-rated wheelbarrow with a deep, heavy-gauge steel tray and a powerful H-brace for extra support. It provides six cu. ft. of space for hauling, and a 16-in. tire for navigating your work area. Plus, here’s how to properly mix concrete.
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Small Wheel Barrow
Gardener's Supply

Rolling Garden Bucket Cart

For some gardeners, a small cart is all you need. This rolling garden cart lets you haul around an 11-gallon tub that’s perfect for moving soil, delivering mulch or just toting your tools from place to place. The wheels can handle the roughest spots on your property, and the angled base keeps it level while you’re on the move.
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Big-4 Wheeler wheel barrow
Photo courtesy Big-4 Wheeler

Big-4 Wheeler

For even more space and additional stability, the Big-4 Wheeler has you covered. Yes, this wheelbarrow has four tough tires, making it far more difficult to knock over while working. It also comes in sizes as large as 10 cu. ft., one of the largest wheelbarrows we’ve seen and certainly big enough for large landscaping projects such as building a patio.
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Ames Total Control 5 Cuft Garden Cart wheel barrow
Photo courtesy Ames

Ames Total Control Garden Cart

This garden cart is a well-made companion for a variety of gardening activities. Its shallow bin is ideal for storing starter plants, gardening tools, bulbs and anything else requiring easy access. It can also haul bags of soil and fertilizer as needed — a good choice for lighter DIY projects that still require mobile storage that’s easy to operate with large tires.
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Ames Easy Roller Poly Yard Cart wheel barrow

Ames Easy Roller Poly Yard Cart

This cart has one of the most unusual appearances on the market. It’s part shopping cart, part wheelbarrow and part loading bin, all in the name of functionality. The front storage pocket can hold potted plants or tools, the four wheels keep the wheelbarrow stable at all times, and the scoop-shape edge is ideal for pouring dirt or gathering leaves. Plus: 12 tips for landscaping your backyard!
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Sun Joe SJGC7 wheel barrow
Photo courtesy Sun Joe

Sun Joe SJGC7

This Sun Joe cart has a high load capacity of 300 pounds and a handy flip-out front panel that allows you to quickly dump heavy objects. Those large wheels may look cool, but that extra size has another purpose: It lets the cart traverse rocky ground more easily without upsetting the load. Use this wheelbarrow for carrying bags of dirt or mulch, rocks and landscaping equipment around your yard. Plus: Build your own DIY garden cart.
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Garden cart

The Little Burros

The Little Burros wheelbarrow storage accessory is perfect for moms that love to garden or tackle other landscaping projects. There’s room for plants, hand tools, power tools, buckets, etc. There’s even a small covered compartment to keep mom’s smartphone clean and dry while she works in the yard!

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