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12 Awesome Smart Appliances You Can Buy Today

From making coffee, cooking a pot roast and even vacuuming your living room, smart appliances are making our lives easier. Here are 12 awesome smart appliances you can buy today.

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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

According to Samsung, the company's new Family Hub Refrigerator lets you "find what you need, faster." If your kitchen needs a makeover, this fridge will certainly make it smarter. It features a touchscreen system and apps that are easy-to-use, and has a camera feed to help you track contents. The refrigerator comes in three unique designs.
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Anova Sous Vide with Bluetooth

If it's too cool outside to grill, try cooking in the Anova Sous Vide with Bluetooth. And this sous vide (a method of cooking food slowly in a vacuum-sealed pouch at a low temperature so as to retain most of the juice and aroma) precision cooking device will cook that roast or steak to the perfect temperature every time, and you can keep track of the cooking process via its Bluetooth system. Buy it now.
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Faber Hood T-Light

A new vent hood can quickly transform a kitchen and the T-Light from Faber stands out with clean lines and bright LED light. With five models, smart appliances powerful Evo Motor guarantees better results in terms of energy efficiency and reduced noise.
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Neato Botvac Vacuum

Tired of vacuum repair? The Botvac Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum from neato lets you control the vacuum from wherever you are. Have last-minute company coming over for dinner? Start the robot vacuum before you leave work. And, it has two cleaning modes and includes an ultra-performance filter which makes it easy-to-clean.
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Pantelligent Frying Pan

Want perfectly cooked burgers, fish fillets and steaks every time? The Pantelligent Frying Pan has a temperature sensor inside and connects to an app which will tell you when to flip the food, stir the ingredients or adjust the heat on your stove. And when you're not cooking, just store it with the rest of your pots and pans.
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Behmor Brazen Plus Coffee Maker

The Brazen Plus Coffee Maker features adjustable settings for water brewing temperature and pre-soak, and guarantees brewing temperature to within 1 degree of your setting. The oversize shower head and pulsed water flow ensures complete coffee bed saturation for the perfect cup every time. And use a permanent filter or paper filters, and don't forget to use those leftover grounds for pest control.
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June Intelligent Oven

Make cooking a breeze with the June Intelligent Oven. The countertop convention oven comes with a built-in camera that recognizes more than 20 foods and cooks them automatically. And the oven also boasts that it's easy to clean. Get this oven today.
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Perfect Drink Pro

You'll make the perfect drink every time with the Perfect Drink Pro. Great for your home bar, tell the Perfect Drink Pro via the app what you have in your liquor cabinet. Choose a recipe and this bar-top appliance will help you measure out just the right proportions for your drink. Then shake or stir. Photo: Courtesy of Perfect Company
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Get organized in the kitchen with the GeniCan, which easily installs into your existing garbage can or recycle bin and allows you to add items to your grocery list automatically as you dispose of them. You'll never forget to add items to your list again.
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The HAPIfork is an electric fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. It alerts you with the help of indicator lights and gentle vibrations when you're eating that grilled steak too fast. The information is then uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to your online dashboard on to track your progress.
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Crock-Pot WeMo Enabled Smart Slow Cooker

Give your oven a break and control your dinner from anywhere with the WeMo Crock-Pot slow cooker. Just use your smart device and the WeMo App (free) to adjust or schedule cooking time and temperature. Dinner will be ready when you are!
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Electrolux IQ Touch Electric Range

Those in search of that modern house feel will want to upgrade to the Electrolux IQ Touch Electric Range. The front control design, Flex-2-Fit heating elements and Perfect Taste Dual Convection will make cooking everything from the weeknight meal to holiday dinners easier. The easy-to-clean cooktop surface and seven cooking modes will help even the most novice chefs prepare marvelous meals.

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