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12 Ideas for Turning a Storage Shed into a Relaxing Space

Who said a shed can only be used for storing tools? You can turn it into an inspiring and comfortable place to relax—a little oasis right in your own backyard. The idea of a "she shed" (just for ladies) or a "he shed" (for the guys) has become more popular as homeowners look for creative ways to use their spaces. Check out these simple ideas for turning a shed into a relaxing space where you can get away, read, listen to music, or plan your next DIY project.

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Cool Shed Ideas: The Cook's NookJulia700702/Shutterstock

Cool Shed Ideas: The Cook's Nook

If cooking is what relaxes you, create a "cook's nook" in your shed. All you need is a few countertop-height tables with drawers for a few plates and utensils, a pot and pan rack, and a spice basket. Place an electric burner in your cook's nook (click here to learn how to install an outdoor outlet) and start cooking -- do prep work and experiment with new meals.
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Cool Shed Ideas: Stay Cool in Your ShedAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Cool Shed Ideas: Stay Cool in Your Shed

There are a number of ways that you can cool your shed, but one of the most energy efficient solutions is a ceiling fan. Installing a ceiling fan isn't as difficult as you may think. It's an ideal solution for cooling a small and intimate space.
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Cool Shed Ideas: Shed Showertuthelens/Shutterstock

Cool Shed Ideas: Shed Shower

Imagine how relaxing it will feel to take a cool shower in a corner of your shed on a hot summer day. To make this idea work, you'll need a water source (some outdoor showers can be connected to a hose) and a drainage system or plumbing pipe running from your shed that can properly dispose of the water.
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Create a Bistro Style Patio AreaMikael Broms/Shutterstock

Create a Bistro Style Patio Area

For a perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee and danish, create a little patio area in front of your shed. Choose a bistro set to make your outdoor area look like you've been transported to a remote Italian villa. Invite a friend over in the morning or after work for a chat at your little backyard getaway.
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Cool Shed Ideas: Surround Sound for "Music Therapy"trainman111/Shutterstock

Cool Shed Ideas: Surround Sound for "Music Therapy"

One way to relax in your shed is to go there to immerse yourself in your favorite music. Install a surround-sound stereo system equipped with Bluetooth capability so that you can lay back in a reclining chair and explore your playlist in peace. It will feel like you have your own home music studio. See these tips for how to soundproof a room.
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Let the Light InEd Samuel/Shutterstock

Let the Light In

If you're going to be outside in your shed, you want as much natural light coming inside as possible. Natural light has a calming effect and can improve your mood. If you plan to take afternoon naps in your shed space, the most satisfying ones are had when you're surrounded by natural light from the sun. Many sheds don't have a lot of windows, but adding windows is DIYable! Check out this guide for installing windows.
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Yoga CornerMikael Broms/Shutterstock

Yoga Corner

Carve out a little spot in your shed so you can privately go through your yoga routine.
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Hanging Lightsdonatas1205/Shutterstock

Hanging Lights

If you plan to spend time in your shed at night, create a relaxing atmosphere with a set of hanging lights. Choose low-wattage, energy-efficient bulbs for a soft glow. Hang your lights in the area where you're most likely to sit and wind down with a cup of tea in the evening. Click here to find out how you can run power anywhere, including your outdoor shed.
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Cool Shed Ideas: Blue Ocean OasisAnton Havelarr/Shutterstock

Cool Shed Ideas: Blue Ocean Oasis

Since many standard sheds have a drab brown or neutral wood-colored interior, spruce it up with some color—but not just any color. Consider color theory when you're deciding how to paint the interior of your shed to make it a relaxing space. Ocean blue is one color that can create a calm space and make it feel welcoming. Other calming colors include light gray, pale green, and lavender. To make your painting projects a success, check out these tips.
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Cool Shed Ideas: Mini SpaAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Cool Shed Ideas: Mini Spa

There's no need to spend money on a day at a spa when you have one in your personal outdoor shed! Create a mini spa in your shed where you can pamper yourself. Set up the area with your favorite beauty products, nail tools, a foot spa and a massage chair. If you really want to kick things up a notch and have the space, put a small Jacuzzi tub in your shed where you can privately soak away the stress and pressures of your day. Wondering how to make your shed feel more cozy? Here's how.
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Vision TableBondRocketImages/Shutterstock

Vision Table

If your idea of relaxing is getting away from the hustle and bustle of life to think about your ideas and dreams, place a special table and chair in your shed. Make sure that the table you choose has an inspiring charm that will make you want to sit there for hours with your laptop, notebook, or vision board. You may be surprised by the positive thoughts and inspirations that will come to you when you're in your shed.
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Add New Life to Your Shed with Exotic PlantsTatjana Kabanova/Shutterstock

Add New Life to Your Shed with Exotic Plants

Make your shed come alive by adding lots of plant life to the walls and corners of the space. This is a particularly good idea if you have people or pets inside your house who may be allergic to certain types of houseplants. Get creative with how you display your plants, and find exotic flowers that no one in your neighborhood has ever seen. Select plants that will fill your shed with delightful scents.