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12 One-Hour Projects for Your Summer Bucket List

Have you always wanted to make your own house numbers? Or maybe you're ready to conquer the clutter in your garage. Summer is the perfect time to check off a few projects from your bucket list, and here are 12 easy ideas to get you started.

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concrete house numbersFamily Handyman

Concrete House Numbers

One thing that makes a great project is learning how to use a new material. You can take the process for making these house numbers and use it for just about any other concrete project. Spice up your front yard with these house numbers that will certainly have your neighbors asking you where you got them.

Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to build this easy project here.

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Invisible Bookshelf LeadFamily Handyman

Invisible Bookshelves

We had to try this project out the moment we saw it. Turns out it is one of the easiest projects ever, and it gives you the ability to show off your book collection and amaze your guests. The best part is that you only need a drill to mount the assembly to the wall, and the only required materials are some “L” brackets and Velcro from the hardware store.

Check out the full process for these wonder shelves here.

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Magnetic Knife Strip LeadFamily Handyman

Magnetic Knife Strip

Who needs a knife block? Show off those knives with this magnetic strip. The best part of this project is that you can use any species of scrap wood in your shop or customize it by gluing up some difference boards to create a butcher-block style. If you have a Forstner bit and a drill, you can make your own version of this incredible project.

See the whole process for this great kitchen accessory here.

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CATAPULT featured image

Desktop Catapult

Put this cool little project on your desk at work to annoy your coworkers, or gift it to one of your young relatives. Because the only power tools we used are a jigsaw and a drill, this miniature catapult is an easy project for any DIYer to build.

See just how simple this little terror is here.

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DIY artwork

Easy Artwork

You don’t have to spend 10,000 hours to become an amazing artist. This project allows you to be as creative as you want—even using random items found in your home or workshop.

Figure out the method for this simple art here.

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Laptop Computer Stand LeadFamily Handyman

Simple Laptop Computer Stand

We all want to upgrade our desk either at home or at work. An easy way to accomplish that is to raise your laptop off of the desk and add a small amount of storage space, too. This project is as simple as downloading a PDF, drawing a shape and cutting that shape out with a jigsaw. The simple laptop computer stand is a great one-hour project that won’t strain your brain too much but will give some great practice at cutting tough parts.

Find the full plans and video to this Saturday Morning Workshop here.

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Hexagon Shelves Photo

Hexagon Shelves

These hexagon/beehive shelves are an incredibly trendy item, and with good reason. You can make three or four of them in an hour and arrange them, paint them or stain them in any way that you want. The possibilities are endless. Hexagon shelves are simple to build and will give you confidence to start using more angles in your projects.

See the whole process for this great wall art here.

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Stacking Totes LeadFamily Handyman

Stacking Totes

These totes are awesome in the way that they hold everything your kids need and take up almost no space because they stack together. If you have a portable table saw and a jigsaw, you can build four of these in an hour with a few sheets of plywood and some small casters.

Find the whole how-to video for this simple project here.

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Cord Rack Featured PhotoFamily Handyman

Grab & Go Cord Rack

Do you have a miter/circular saw? Do you have a drill? If so, you can easily build this cord rack! You are always going to have something laying on the ground of your workshop or garden shed, and at some point you will get frustrated by it. This rack will solve a number of problems with an hour of work and 6 ft. of both 1×2 and 1×4 boards.

Find the full plans for this rack here.

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pour-over coffee maker

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Before you go out and buy an expensive coffee machine, take a second and think about what they actually do. They boil water and then pour that water over the coffee grounds in a filter. Why not just do that yourself? The good news is that you can with this straightforward woodworking project. This one will give you some great skills to further your DIY expertise.

Check out the video and plans for this morning wonder here.

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Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

What more do you need to fill hours of time at a summer barbecue than a giant Jenga set? Maybe cornhole boards? But those take more than an hour. All you need is six 8-ft. lengths of 2×4, a circular saw and a sander for this project. It is that simple. See the full plans for this summertime classic here.

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simple tablet standFamily Handyman

Tablet Stand

One of the best parts of the Internet is the access to practically any recipe you could ever want. This tablet stand is so simple to build, and it provides the perfect holder for viewing your digital recipes while you work in the kitchen.

See the video for this quick one-hour project here.

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