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12 Perfect Projects to Do With Kids

From gardening to woodworking, there are projects here for all ages and abilities. Teach kids valuable lessons and keep them busy this summer with DIY projects.

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Kids Practice Using Tools Projects Family Handyman

Practice Using Tools

Before you start on a project, get kids comfortable with tools. Have them practice using a tape measure or hammering nails and tightening screws in scrap pieces of wood to gain confidence. Be sure to have them wear safety gear!

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dfh15_shutterstock_441146206 kids mini workbench woodworkingEvgeniiAnd/Shutterstock

Construct a Kid-Size Workbench

If your child has taken a special interest in DIY, help them build their own workbench that they can use to create many more projects in the future. It’s an inexpensive project that will take about one day to complete. Use these plans to build the perfect kid-size workbench.

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girl playing hop scotch game insideFamily Handyman

Indoor Hopscotch

This indoor hopscotch mat is the perfect project to do with your child on a day you’re stuck indoors. All that’s needed is duct tape, stencils and an inexpensive carpet runner. Here are the complete instructions.

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kids starting seeds gardeningAnne in the uk/Shutterstock

Start Seeds

Gardening can be rewarding and educational for children. One simple and inexpensive way to introduce them to gardening is starting seeds. You can have kids read the planting instructions, plant and then tend to the seeds and seedlings as they grow. You can start seeds even sooner than spring with these indoors seed-starting tips.

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boy fixing bike tiregranata68/Shutterstock

Change a Bike Tire

Bikes are an integral part of childhood. Proper bike care is also important for kids to learn, so teach them how to change a bike tire in case they ever have a flat.

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camping camp fireSoloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock

Build a Fire Pit

Bonfires are a fun way to spend an evening with friends and family. This kind of project is perfect for older kids who can help with shoveling and the placement of stones. Look at these instructions to create a sturdy fire pit in your backyard.

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little girl repurposed watering can flower potMaria Dryfhout/Shutterstock

Make Repurposed Planters

Kids can learn more about sustainability by repurposing items from the home in the garden. Coffee cans, old cabinet drawers and teapots are just some of the items you can use as planters. For more reusable planter ideas, check these out.

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fh12jun_529_52_064 young boy repairing fixing box fanFamily Handyman

Take Something Apart

For some, the most fun thing to do before building or repairing is taking apart. Have kids disassemble a fan to clean it, or open up a clock to see how it works. Here, they can learn how to take apart and fix a wobbly chair.

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family building a bookshelfStockLite/Shutterstock

Build a Bookshelf

This project is perfect for older kids who are comfortable around power tools. It does require the use of a miter saw, so they will need proper safety gear and supervision. Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

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little girl painting working on a projectFamVeld/Shutterstock

Little Kids Can Help with Certain Steps

If your child is too young for larger, more complex projects, have them help out with a few smaller steps. Painting is one the easiest jobs for children to start with. These tips will help you teach them the best painting techniques.

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Simple winter bird feedersJohannes Eder/Shutterstock

Make a Bird Feeder

One of the greatest lessons an adult can provide a child is to teach them about nature. Once you’ve completed this bird feeder project together, have your child take notes on the birds it attracts to your backyard. There are many simple, easy ways to make a homemade bird feeder.

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shutterstock_452961139 DIY treehouseGary Perkin/Shutterstock

Build a Tree House

A special tree house is a magical part of many childhoods. While kids might not be able to participate in every step of the building process, they will definitely have fun helping with the design and hammering nails! Check out our best tree house building tips here.