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12 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Building a man cave ranks high as an exciting home renovation project and they deserve proper planning to turn that basement or den into exactly the sort of getaway space you want. We have the tips you need for those plans: Take a look at the ultimate man cave choices!

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Check Space and Electrical RequirementsPhoto Source: Mark Pinkerton - vi360 photography, original photo on Houzz

Check Space and Electrical Requirements

Measure your ultimate man cave space carefully while planning on furniture, TVs, tables and other accessories. And always know the space before you buy. Check your wiring and outlets to see if you need an upgrade or addition. This is particularly important in rooms you are finishing (i.e., a basement).
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Plan for Plumbing if You Need

Plan for Plumbing if You Need It

An ultimate man cave may not need plumbing, especially if the bathroom or kitchen is a short trip away. But for other areas, plumbing may be necessary. And a closet bathroom can prove particularly useful in basements and if you want a full bar, then a source of running water is a great addition. Plan for plumbing early on if you need it.
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Looking for a Theme? Try Metal and WoodMilos Stojiljkovic/Shutterstock

Looking for a Theme? Try Metal and Wood

Trouble choosing styles and materials? Popular modern themes favor an industrial appearance with heavy-duty hardwoods and metal. These materials look great, are durable and flexible enough to accommodate many needs. And try to stay away from using a lot of glass, which can be too reflective in a small space and may be too fragile.
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Choose a Central Game TableMarko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Choose a Central Game Table

Is your game pool, poker, foosball or another table-based sport? Make it a center attraction in your ultimate man cave, adding some spotlighting so everyone has great visibility and base the rest of your theme/decorations around it. Just make sure there is enough space leftover for seating and displays.
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Find the Right DisplayPetinov Sergey Mihilovich/Shutterstock

Find the Right Display

When installing a TV in the ultimate man cave, length from the screen is probably your most important consideration. Find the display size you want, but make sure there is enough space between it and your seating to appreciate all those pixels. And if you are using a project, you need to consider projector installation, wiring and distance as well.
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Place Seating in an Open ArrangementStockLite/Shutterstock

Place Seating in an Open Arrangement

Seats in the middle of the ultimate man cave can create dead zones of unused space. When possible, put seating against the walls instead, or use the space behind your gaming chairs for storage or display tables. And keep seating as open as possible.
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Include a Built-in Bar or Refrigeration AreaFamily Handyman

Include a Built-in Bar or Refrigeration Area

If you want an ultimate man cave upgrade, include a bar section with several stools for seating, or a refrigeration cabinet/closet for storing your beverages and dips. And there are a lot of fun ways to set these areas up and they can save on trips to the kitchen too. Here's everything you need to create and stock a basement bar.
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Treat Yourself with a Humidorphototim/Shutterstock

Treat Yourself with a Humidor

Use a humidor to keep your cigars in prime condition for as long possible. If you and your friends don't prefer cigars, consider a luxury display case or refrigeration unit for your after-food activities of choice.
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Find a Way to Cool Off – Preferably with Outdoor Accessdoomu/Shutterstock

Find a Way to Cool Off – Preferably with Outdoor Access

In small spaces, electronics and human bodies create a lot of heat. Install quality air conditioning to keep the room cool. You can tie the space in with your house HVAC, but for extra cooling another air conditioner unit may be helpful. A connection to the outdoors, even if it's just a small window, is particularly useful (especially if you are using that humidor).
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Use Ceiling Lights and Minimal LEDs

Use Ceiling Lights and Minimal LEDs

You have many choices for lighting your ultimate man cave. We suggest sticking to traditional ceiling and bar-style pendant lights (no fluorescents) for your primary lighting source. And then choose a couple accent lights using LED strings and bulbs to add some light color variations. While lighting with day-glo LEDs everywhere may seem cool at first, it can quickly get old, so it's important to have traditional lighting to fall back on. Photo: Designtech Custom Interiors, original photo on Houzz
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Install a Sound System That's Right For Your SpaceShayeRyan/Shutterstock

Install a Sound System That's Right For Your Space

An ultimate man cave is an ideal place to install a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. However take time to plan out speaker positioning and (if your speakers are wireless) how you will run speaker wires. And a little work here will pay off with excellent sound for years.
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Set Up an Arcade SectionGiuseppe Cammino/Shutterstock

Set Up an Arcade Section

An arcade corner is a fun, ever-popular addition to man caves. It may be easier than you think to find your favorite arcade games and set them up. And give it a try if you want something truly special. If you want a modern upgrade, set aside a VR gaming space instead.