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12 Toilet Seat Lids That You’d Be Embarrassed to Have

Ready for some bathroom talk? These toilet seats are sure to stir up some potty conversation.

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Ride ’em Cowboy

This is a cowboy’s dream toilet! It’s features nickel hinges, oak, red oak, upholstery tacking, hair-on cowhide, embossed leather and wood.

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Photo: Courtesy of SignatureCowboy/Etsy

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Beach View

What’s better than white sand, blue skies and a vast ocean view? It’s hard to beat, and you can replicate it in your bathroom with this toilet seat that features slow-close and metal hinges. What isn’t so great is when something gets flushed down a toilet that shouldn’t. You’ll be amazed at what people try to flush down the toilet.

Photo: Courtesy of Topseat

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If a flamingo-themed bathroom sounds like your idea of a fun, you’ll want to add this crazy toilet seat lid “tattoo” to your wish list. Flamingos are pretty tacky, just like these hideous lawn ornaments.

Photo: Courtesy of Toilet Tattoos

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Shabby Chic

If rustic is your vibe, and a standard white toilet seat lid just isn’t cutting it, then you might like this reclaimed wood lid for your bathroom. This is one way of adding farmhouse charm, but here are 20 other delightfully easy ways to add farmhouse style.

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Photo: Courtesy of Topseat

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VIP Lounge

Bring a whole new meaning to the word privacy in your bathroom with this VIP lounge toilet seat lid that’ll give you exclusive access to … the toilet bowl. You may not live in one of the biggest houses in the country but this little touch will make you feel like king or queen of your own castle.

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Photo: Courtesy of Topseat

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Champagne Gold

Turn your toilet into a throne with this fancy seat and lid. It features a made of hand-painted, champagne-gold resin accent, featuring a curved design and a pieced glass mosaic motif on the lid. Talk about elegant! If you want to see the definition of elegant, check out these incredible castles around the world.

Back to reality. Here’s how to caulk a toilet to a floor.

Photo: Courtesy of Touch of Class

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Fender Guitar

Big into music? Can’t keep your Fender guitar out of sight? Try leaving it out of the bathroom next time and opt for this guitar toilet lid.

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Photo: Courtesy of BrickWurX/Etsy

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Serene Waterdrop

This high-definition, high-gloss lid has a calm, cool, spa vibe. People love bamboo for flooring, see why bamboo is such a great flooring option.

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Photo: Courtesy of Topseat

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Keep the spirit of America’s only “King” alive in the most intimate way possible with this toilet seat and lid. His face has been hand painted on white enamel-covered wood. You might try to sing like Elvis in the bathroom but you’ll never guess how he shows up in one of these homes that are hiding secrets.

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Photo: Via CrappyArtEmpire

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Leopard Print

Leopard print is everywhere, so why not bring some fashion into your bathroom? It will make your toilet experience that much more “wild.”

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Photo: Via JLRyan

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Tinkling the Ivories

Does a piano toilet seat sound like music to your rear? Then you should probably buy this! If you’re tired of tuning a piano that doesn’t get played, see why it can be the perfect spot for breakfast.

If your bathroom could use a floor update, check out these 13 tile tips.

Photo: Via Jammin’ Johns

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Spider Toilet Seat

When Halloween is around the corner, switch out your white toilet lid for this scary spider option. It’s sure to make a few guests scream.

You might be OK with fake spiders, but what about the real deal? Here’s how to get rid of them.

Photo: Via Greenbrier

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