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12 Ways to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Furniture that is used every day is prone to wear and tear. Here are 12 ways to make your furniture last longer.

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Move Furniture CarefullySyda Productions/Shutterstock

Move Furniture Carefully

Never drag or push. And not only can this damage your furniture, it can also scrape or scratch your flooring. When moving heavy pieces of furniture such as a sofa, ask for help to lift and move it to the desired location. Make your furniture last longer when you move it with care. Learn 14 Tips for Moving Furniture.
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Tighten Screws, Make Your Furniture Last LongerGrigvovan/Shutterstock

Tighten Screws, Make Your Furniture Last Longer

With regular use, furniture joints can become loose, so be sure to tighten screws regularly. If a chair is wobbly, take it out of service until you can fix it, this will make your furniture last longer.
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Polish the Hardwarepondpony/Shutterstock

Polish the Hardware

Avoid polishes that contain ammonia, since it could cause corrosion. Use a polish with a mild abrasive. And when polishing brass hardware or furniture, protect the rest of the finish with masking tape. Or remove the hardware before polishing. This will make your hardware on furniture last longer. Does the hardware have some paint residue? Learn How to Remove Paint from Hardware.
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Keep it CleanFotoDuets/Shutterstock

Keep it Clean

Regularly dust, vacuum and clean furniture to maintain its appearance. Tiny dust particles can accumulate and cause your furniture to look old and faded. Be sure to treat stains as soon as possible. Clean furniture and fight odors without harsh chemicals. If your furniture has microfiber fabric, learn how to clean it here.
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Use Appropriate Cleaners OnlyProStockStudio/Shutterstock

Use Appropriate Cleaners Only

Avoid any "all-purpose" cleaners when cleaning to make your furniture last longer. There are specific cleaners for specific types of furniture. For wood, use a cloth and a quality wood polish. Leather requires certain products for stain removal. Some cleaners are not safe on fabrics.
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Avoid Direct Sunlight2M media/Shutterstock

Avoid Direct Sunlight

If left in sunlight, the sun can damage furniture. Make your furniture last longer by covering fabric as it's especially vulnerable to sunlight. If avoiding sunlight is a problem, use window treatments to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Learn How to Install Window Blinds.
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Set House RulesSeventyFour/Shutterstock

Set House Rules

Whether it's no eating on the couch or no permanent markers at the dining table, don't be afraid to set rules when it comes to making your furniture last longer. And make sure children don't jump on furniture or throw cushions as it can cause the furniture to break down or collapse. Discover How to Remove Stains in Wood Furniture.
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Invest in Slip CoversJewelzz/Shutterstock

Invest in Slip Covers

To help prevent stains, consider slip covers. Covers are especially useful for those with young children or during a holiday party. If a spill does happen on a slip cover, try these stain removal tips. Slip covers will help to make your furniture last longer as they will act as an additional safety barrier.
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Paint or RefinishStockLite/Shutterstock

Paint or Refinish

If your furniture is still in good shape but looking a bit dingy, try painting or refinishing. A little paint, varnish or stain can give old furniture a whole new look. Here are tips on How to Refinish Furniture.
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Check for ScratchesPeangdao/Shutterstock

Check for Scratches

Scratches will not go away on their own. You can mask shallow scratches and claw marks with stain or varnish. Your furniture last longer by refinishing and masking these scratches.
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Protect from Water Stainssuccesso images/Shutterstock

Protect from Water Stains

If you do allow beverages on or near your furniture, make sure coasters are used to protect from water rings. Learn How to Make Quick Coasters to make your furniture last longer and protect it from water stains.
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Avoid Cheap FurnitureSinisa Botas/Shutterstock

Avoid Cheap Furniture

While inexpensive furniture may be a tempting cost-saving measure, the money and time you spend trying to maintain, fix and clean it adds up over time. If you know you will use a piece of furniture for a long time, consider spending more for high quality. Ultimately, you can make your furniture last longer if it is good quality over a temporary cheaper solution. Looking to make some of your own furniture? Here are The Top 10 Woodworking Projects.

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