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13 Brilliant Ways to Store Grill Tools

When the weather is warm and sunny you want to keep it al fresco by grilling up your meals in the backyard. Just be sure you keep things clean and simple! Check out these brilliant ways to store your grill tools, whether you want easy access or to keep things out of sight.

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DIY Utility Cart

Utility carts are perfect for grilling on-the-go. Not only can you cut out space to hold your charcoal grill, but you can double the space to hold all your grill tools, whether you want your cart to have built-in compartments for organizing, or hooks to hang your tools. It’s like a grill caddy. Check out these rolling cart plans.

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Create a BBQ Station

Grab a lattice panel, hang it near your grill and use the small squares to hang brushes, pot holders, tongs and more. You can use S hooks to hang items with built-in loops, along with bins, racks, grill baskets and more. You can gather anything that is too small to be hung by itself in a bin, which can then be attached to the panel. Grilling 101: All About Grill Fuels

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Magnetic Tool Holder

There’s just something super satisfying about magnets. With this accessory holder, you can keep your grill tools handy and accessible while leaving more room on top of the grill for all the food prep stuff. Check out these 15 clever hacks using magnetic strips.

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Sunken Grill Tool Bucket

Putting long-handled tools into a bucket on your grill countertop sounds easy-peasy, but it’s better in theory than it is in practice. Why? Because the tools are likely to topple over, creating more work for you! To avoid this issue, choose a bucket with a wider top than bottom, measure its circumference three inches below its rim, mark it on the counter using a compass, and cut out the opening with a jigsaw. Now you can drop the bucket into the hole and place long-handled tools inside. Want to learn more about jigsaws? Here are our best tips.

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Rake Hooks

Have an old rake you’re not using? Detach the handle, and use the steel tines as hooks for your grill tools. Many grill tools have holes for hanging, so go ahead and hang your rake head upside down and repurpose it! It will look very fitting in your outdoor BBQ space, creating a rustic outdoorsy feel. If giving up your rake has you rethinking your garden tools, check out this list of 12 must-have garden tools.

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File Holder

If you have an old file holder, or set of mounted file holders, that you’re not using, you can store your grill tools and grill accessories like cutting boards, aluminum foil and spatulas upright in them. This will keep your BBQ essentials organized, just like files! Repurposing a file holder also makes this list of nine genius tips for organizing kitchens and clearing the clutter.

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Grill Tool Box/Grill Caddy

Tool boxes can get messy. With all the compartments and space, sometimes you just end up throwing things wherever you want. This makes it easy to lose tools, which just leads you to purchasing a whole new set and another box! Take your old box and transform it into a portable place to store your bulky grill tools. If you’re looking for a new way to store your tools in the garage, take a look at these clever tool storage ideas.

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DIY “Grillin n’ Chillin” Sign

Make some backyard art do double-duty by adding hooks for your grilling tools. You can grab a piece of wood, put your artistic talents to work with a swirly Grillin’ n’ Chillin’ design and attach hooks for a designated space to keep your spatulas, tongs, mitts and more. Want the sign but not the work? There are plenty of handcrafted options for purchase on Etsy. Check out these 40 outdoor woodworking projects for beginners.

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Wall-Mounted Outdoor Cabinet

This fold-down Murphy bed-style cabinet is oh, so creative. Paint it a pretty color and write a creative grill saying to use the cabinet as art, too! When you want all your grill essentials, fold the sign down and voila! In the organizing spirit? Take a look at these 10 kitchen cabinet & drawer organizers you can build yourself.

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Barbecue Apron

What’s easier access than storing your grill tools in an apron that you can sling on at a moment’s notice with everything ready to go? A grilling apron and tool set also makes a terrific Father’s Day or birthday gift. Love the apron idea for organizing, storing and easy access? Check out this Salvaged Nail Apron for all your DIY projects.

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BBQ Tools Holster

Not interested in wearing a full apron? Keep it minimal with a holster you can strap around your waist. Lock and load your grilling tools to save time searching for them! The holster is much like a tool belt, so learn all about organizing a tool belt to get you off on the right foot!

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Bar with Baskets

Sometimes a simple bar with hooks is all you really need. IKEA sells this set and there are baskets that you can add if you want to store items that you can’t hang up. If you like the look of baskets for storage, learn how to build a basket stand.

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DIY Grill Caddy

Keep things light and simple by storing a cute caddy near your grill and toting it around when needed. Keep your grill tool essentials on one side, and your spices and marinades on the other! After you make the grill caddy, use your skills to make this DIY reclaimed barn wood beer caddy.

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Swiss Army Knife-Style Grill Tools

If you have a little 14-inch portable grill, you probably don’t have room for an elaborate grill tool storage setup. In that case, this 5-in-1 barbecue tool may be the answer. When folded, the whole thing is approximately 8 1/2 inches wide x 3 inches long x 1 1/2 inches high. If you’re into handy pocket tools, check out this list of our editors’ favorites.

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