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14 Fun DIYs for a Rainy Day

Rain, rain go away, come again another day. Until then, here are 14 fun DIYs you and your child can do inside when it's too wet to go outdoors.

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On your mark. Get set. Go!

Show 'em how you zoom, zoom! Empty the toy box and set up a race track. And add books to help raise the bridge and set up pillows to act as side walls while the cars go speeding around the room.
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Stylish Wren HouseFamily Handyman

Stylish Wren House

In just a few simple steps and even fewer materials you can create a fun house for wrens. And dfter you're done building, pull out a few brushes and some acrylic paint to give the birdhouse a personal touch.
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Create a LEGO village

With LEGO blocks the possibilities for fun DIYs are endless. And give your child hours and hours of fun by creating a dedicated play space for their LEGOs together. Then come up with a scenario and build a new universe together!
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Air plant planter

Air plant planter

Make this modern planter with DIY-friendly quick-setting concrete mix. And make several and give them as gifts. This planter works well as a paperweight, too!
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Indoor water gardenFamily Handyman

Indoor water garden

While avoiding the rain outside, you can build a beautiful indoor water garden. And all you need is a container, a pump and some favorite beach stones.
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Homemade game boardFamily Handyman

Homemade game board

Outdoor fun doesn't have to stop because it's wet outside. Simply bring the outside games in! And make this homemade hop-scotch board and start hopping.
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Turn a wall into a chalkboardOlesia Bilkei/Shutterstock

Turn a wall into a chalkboard

Ordinarily drawing on the walls would not be encouraged. Break the rules by adding a wall of chalkboard paint. You'll need to paint the wall before your rainy day indoors. But once the chalkboards wall is ready to go, it will provides hours of fun.
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Plant markers

Plant markers

Spend the rainy day planning next summer's garden and creating these one-of-a-kind plant markers. These fun DIYs are very easy to assemble and you can decorate with rocks, glass beads, seashells—be creative! And these plant markers also make great gifts for friends and relatives, and they're inexpensive, so you can make dozens of them.
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Put on your tool beltsFamily Handyman

Put on your tool belts

Spend a rainy day teaching your child DIY skills. And set up a piece of foam core for sawing practice and a big chuck of soft wood or a thick cardboard box for practicing hammering nails.
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Reconstruct/deconstruct a small applianceFamily Handyman

Reconstruct/deconstruct a small appliance

Let your older child do some tinkering for fun DIYs. Unplug an old fan or toaster and let your child take it apart and practice putting it back together with a screwdriver. And this gives them a chance to improve their dexterity and also encourages logical thinking skills. There could be sharp edges, so protective gloves are a good idea.
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Craft away the rainy day blues

Craft away the rainy day blues

Break into the craft bin for fun DIYs on a rainy day and create a bunch of handmade gifts. And next time you or your child needs a gift for someone, you'll be all set.
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Bring the beach insideCroMary/Shutterstock

Bring the beach inside

When there's no sunshine outside, bring a little sunshine indoors. You can make a sand and water table. Gather PVC pipe and a plastic bin. Or pick up a mixing tub and some lumber. Kids getting restless and you don't have time to build? Try bringing the kiddie pool inside and filling it with sand. And don't forget the beach blanket and assorted plastic buckets to put your new sand table to good use.
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All you need is a cardboard box

It's true that often a cardboard box is more fun than whatever is inside. Your child can star in their own TV show or you could construct a maze or tunnels with a bunch of boxes. And check out all the fun ideas for cardboard box creativity from Playtivities.
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Kick back and relaxPetinov Sergey Mihilovich/Shutterstock

Kick back and relax

It's raining, it's pouring … Sometimes a rainy day is the perfect excuse for binge-watching the latest series on Netflix. Your kids will thank you for relaxing the TV time rule. And isn't that reason enough for a little extra couch time? If you have to earn the "best parent ever" title by hosting a movie day with your kids' friends, turn your basement or family room into the best game room ever with these ideas.

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