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13 Advanced Work Boots for Every DIY Project

It may be surprising to discover that work boots are much more than steel-toes and laces. There are specialized boots for almost any DIY job, and we've rounded up 15 of the best.

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High-Heat Boots

USA made, and versatile, these leather work boots are resistant to high-heat and are oil, gas and chemical resistant, making them perfect for jobs like repaving your driveway. Learn how to care for your leather work boots in the winter.
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Garden Boots

With their puncture resistant steel shank and mud-shedding design, these muck boots are the perfect choice for jobs that require getting dirty. Suitable for year-round wear, these work boots will keep you comfortable and dry as you create the garden of your dreams. Now all you need are these amazing tips for easier gardening, and you are practically guaranteed success!
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Metatarsal Protection

When the going gets heavy, smart DIYers get Metatarsal guards. These boots provide steel reinforcement to protect the delicate top bones of the foot and feature open-cell padding for added comfort. Perfect for heavy lifting, these work boots can protect your feet while you sharpen your tree pruning techniques.
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Puncture Resistant Work Boots

Slip-resistant and waterproof with an attractive leather upper, these work boots do it all. Most importantly, they are puncture resistant. This means they can help protect your feet from the hazards of a worksite, such as errant nails. In fact, you can break them in while you follow our guide on how to use a trim-nailer.
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Light-Weight Aluminum

With the look of a high-end hiking boot, these ladies safety boots from Keen are the perfect blend of style and protection. These work boots are lightweight, thanks to the aluminum toe, and compression molded for maximum comfort during a long day framing new construction.
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Insulated Boots

When there's a chill in the air, but work to be done, an insulated boot—like this one from Timberland—is the smart answer. These work boots aren't just water resistant, they have a water-impenetrable membrane which means your foot will stay warm and dry on a chilly day. Try these on a fall day while you remove a tree stump from the ground with ease and your feet will thank you later.
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Easy Access

These boots have a tactical flair that means business. The side-zip allows you to don these boots quickly when you've got a DIY job on the go. And the patented, moisture-wicking lining makes for a comfortable fit. They are also slip resistant and waterproof, making them an excellent choice for winter jobs like snow blowing.
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Composite Toe Boots

These Wolverine women's boots have substance and are a perfect all around construction boot. Made with composite safety protection, these boots are lighter than the steel-toed variety, which helps reduce fatigue. You can even take a hint from your boots and use them to build a composite deck in your yard.
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Hot Weather Boots

These work boots are durable and are designed for hot weather so that you can tackle your outdoor summer projects in style. Made of full-grain cowhide, these boots are abrasion resistant and designed to be as comfortable as a running shoe.
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Slip Resistant Boots

These ladies Avenger work boots are beautifully slip-resistant, which will help you find and repair pesky roof-leaks with ease. As a bonus they are waterproof, making them an excellent choice for work in any weather.
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Fire Resistant

These work boots may look like your average hiking boot, but they are anything but. These boots are fireproof, meaning you can sharpen your lawnmower blade with an angle grinder and not worry about any sparks.
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Electrical Hazard Boots

Electrical hazards are a risk in many DIY projects. Why not protect yourself and look great with these western-inspired pull-on work boots with an EH rating. That means they pass the standards for protection against electrical hazards, like wiring switches and outlets the safe way.
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Welding Spats

While not a boot, these welding spats can protect any pair of work boots you own. Durable, and strengthened with Kevlar, these are perfect for protection from hot sparks from welding, solder from installing copper pipe, and splashes of paint or other chemicals.