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15 Awesome Home Entryway Ideas

Wow your guests with a stand out entryway.

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Hallway entrance into a home with a couch in a living room through an open doorwayJohn Keeble/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that homeowners don’t always know what to do with their entryway. It’s not quite a room, and it’s not a place people are supposed to spend a lot of time, but it’s also where you welcome guests to your home, and first impressions are important! Fortunately, there are design principles that apply to entryways.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for your entryway, whether you’re looking to completely reinvent it or just give it an easy makeover.

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front entry wayArtazum/Shutterstock

Complement Your Door with a Burst of Color

It’s a common choice to paint front doors an inviting, vibrant color like a lush green or cherry red to help welcome visitors (another great way to welcome visitors? This customizable Letterfolk Tile Mat). Carry this idea inside by adding a splash of a complementary color in your entryway. This could be a bright rug, a painted chair or bench, a piece of art or an entire wall. The key is to continue that vibrant welcoming experience from the front door into your home.

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Family removing shoes near an Entryway TableThomas Barwick/Getty Images

Add an Entryway Table

If you don’t have a lot of space, choose a smallish entryway table. Foyer tables are narrow models that can easily fit in even tight hallways. While you’re at it, learn how to decorate a hallway.

Decorate your entryway table with a vase of flowers and a platter for keys, and consider adding a small mat or cubby underneath for people to store their shoes. Here, find out everything you need to know about a foyer.

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Liven Up Your Stairs

Many entryways have an annoying problem: They face directly into a stairway, which isn’t necessarily the prettiest view. However, you can make it a lot better with a stairway renovation project such as stained or painted wood wainscoting that mirror staircase features found in historic homes. Carpet stair runners or painted steps can also make your stairs an attraction instead of a distraction.

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mirror front entry wayRobert Nolan/Shutterstock

Set Up a Mirror to Expand the Space

You see quite a few mirrors in entryways, and for good reason. They help visually expand what is often a tight and slightly claustrophobic space. If your entryway feels cramped when people show up, try hanging a mirror on a nearby wall.

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white sitting area arm chairs footrestMaxFX/Shutterstock

Without a Hall, Create a Sitting Area

Does your entrance just sort of…end? If there’s no clear-cut entryway, a fun alternative is to create a little sitting area with a couple chairs, an ottoman or two, and a small table. Sync up their colors to give the feeling of a separate, private area where people can don or doff their outdoor clothing and have a final chat before leaving.

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storage lockers

Add a Cabinet for Storage and Organization

Usually if you have a small entryway you also have a small entryway closet. One way to dress up the limited space is with this attractive entryway storage and organizing cabinet. Complete DIY plans are here, and you can dress it up with unique coat hooks or other embellishments that reflect your style.

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floral wallpaper

Choose Distinct Wallpaper to Set It Apart

We don’t suggesting wallpapering every surface in sight, but you can create a powerful effect by choosing a single wall and a unique wallpaper design that will make it into a focal point. If you’re renting, take a look at peel-and-stick wallpaper that you can easily take down when you move.

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dandelions flower arrangementgiedre vaitekune/Shutterstock

Decorate with Natural Elements

Let a local nature feature that you love, especially one that you already encourage outside your home, like birds, bunnies, herbs or flowers, inspire your entryway design. Use this feature to guide all your entryway décor decisions. Buy wall decor, frames and other compatible entryway items to create a unified space. This helps link your entryway to nature and gives you focus.

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rich wood panelsJiraphan Singhaesanee/Shutterstock

Rich, Natural Wood

For a cabin or cottage-like feel, use natural wood throughout your entryway. Wooden wall panels, carved chairs, homemade wood benches, and natural wood tables can work together to create a warm, inviting space. You can stick to one species of wood or mix it up for a more eclectic vibe. Look for pieces with beautiful grain so that they really stand out.

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Seasonal Style

What’s your favorite season? Choose the colors, flowers and prints associated with that season to spruce up your entryway. Then, switch things up a bit to celebrate the seasons as they come and go. For the holidays, consider adding a wreath. They’re not just for the front door, and they’re more than just Christmas decorations. You can find, or make, Thanksgiving wreaths and others to send a welcoming holiday or seasonal vibe for guests.

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dark hardwoodspics721/Shutterstock

Let Your Floor Stand Out

One entryway trend incorporates dark wood floorboards (heavily caramelized bamboo, hickory, walnut, ebony, etc.). These floors make a perfect counterpoint to white walls and off-white rugs that work together for a striking effect that tends to work for almost any entryway.

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Partition to Create an Entryway Space

Set Up a Partition to Create an Entryway Space

If you really want that entryway feeling but don’t have the space, consider setting up a partition. A large, stylish wood panel partition can fit well in many homes, but there are also many woven and fabric partitions to choose from, as well as DIY models created from reclaimed partitions and other inventive reclamations.

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Show Off Family Pictures the Interesting Way

It’s traditional to hang family pictures in the entryway. However, you can do better than just hanging up portraits on a wall. Check out some of the newer ideas for displaying family photos and find an innovative option that suits your style.

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entry way rugBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Choose a Stylish Rug

Don’t skimp on the entryway rug. Instead, seek out a charming antique rug that complements your flooring. Or, you may prefer a simpler design or a single, bold color. The key is to avoid a boring “welcome” mat or a rug that screams, “I’m the rug you should wipe your feet on because I was cheap and I’m not very attractive.” Save that for outside, and make a welcoming statement when guests walk inside. If you’d like people to remove their shoes indoors but don’t want to be rude, set up a basket of miscellaneous slippers and keep a few pairs of shoes near it and most guests will get the message.

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cloud art frankie's/Shutterstock

Pick a Single Piece to Show Off

For entryways that have a little bit more space and can give visitors an opportunity to look around a bit, pick one large art piece to showcase. Large paintings or statues are common choices (anything from pastoral scenes to abstract experiments can work well). Center your piece where visitors will immediately see it, and keep tables and other items to a minimum so they don’t distract.