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19 Frightening Fantastic DIY Duct Tape Halloween Costumes

Who’s got the best DIY costumes? The kids from Destination Imagination every year. Each year Destination Imagination holds a Duct Tape Costume Ball at its Global Finals and each year it never fails to inspire a DIYer during Halloween. Here are some of the best DIY duct tape costumes over the past few years at Destination Imagination.

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Super Dave

The kids might not have recognized the costume but that’s a Super Dave Osborne costume. We bet it’d be pretty easy to find someone with a duct tape wallet. Here’s how you can make a duct tape wallet.

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The Incredibles

These costumes of The Incredibles are well, incredible. Check out the real life car from The Incredibles.

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Monsters, Monsters

With duct tape available in so many varieties it’s easy to come up with a colorful costume like these Monster Inc.-inspired costumes. Gear up for Halloween with any of our top 15 Halloween decorations on Amazon.

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More Monsters

Monsters are fun to dress up as for Halloween, just like this cast of characters. Dress your dog up for Halloween with any of these 10 super cute Halloween costumes for dogs.

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Suited Up

Not only do the jackets look great, they’re different styles. Follow these 15 tips to store your seasonal clothing better.

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Power Rangers

These intrepid students crafted Power Ranger costumes out of duct tape for the Duct Tape Ball at Destination Imagination's global finals. Destination Imagination started in 1982 under a different name and has partnered with NASA, 3M, Disney, Motorola Solutions Foundation, Oracle Academy, Mayo Clinic, Project Management Institute Educational Foundation, ShareSpace Foundation, PCG Education, National Geographic, U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Partnership for 21st Century Learning and others. Duct tape is great for costumes but it’s been a tried and true method for taping dryer duct.
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Duct Dynasty

More than 150,000 students participate each year in the program, which is designed to provide challenges in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. Get your yard looking spooky for Halloween with these yard decoration ideas. Get some help from when you use duct tape on round ductwork.
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Soda Pop

More than 1.5 million students have participated in the program, which fosters hands-on learning and problem solving skills. You can find a program in your area here. Keep your soda safe with a duct tape drink holder in the car.
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Rocket Man

Students take on Team Challenges that combine STEM and the arts. Mentors are on hand to help guide students. They also participate in Instant Challenges, which require quick thinking and problem solving to solve an on-the-spot Challenge in less than 10 minutes. Find out the different uses of duct tape that can send you into the air when you solve a problem.
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Winnie the Pooh

Students participate in challenges that span seven areas: technical, scientific, engineering, fine arts, improv, service learning and early learning. Age levels range from pre-K to university-level. Turns out duct tape is great for cleaning up after animals in the home.
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Winners at each level have a chance to advance to the Global Finals. Put that iPod on shuffle and hop around to a game of hopscotch after you make a hopscotch board of duct tape.
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Disney Characters

The Global Finals include 15-plus countries, more than 8,000 students and 17,000-plus attendees. A pool noodle and some duct tape can make for a pretty wreath for your favorite princess. Plus, check out some of these terrifying Halloween creations people have made.
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Dr. Who

This year’s challenges included: mazes, the scientific concepts of amusement parks, a challenge that has students create a structure that can withstand the impact of dropped weights, creating a musical that includes a sudden change, write and act out an improvisational skit based on famous explorers, design and carry out a service learning project, create a present a play that tells a story about different cultures and instant challenges. Have you seen the latest trend with Halloween? Call on duct tape to help with an attic project.
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Captain America(s)

What's more American than red, white and blue duct tape? With some cardboard and some patience (and duct tape), you can make a pretty convincing Captain America costume. These Halloween yard decorations will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Be a hero during remodeling work when you collect lead paint dust with duct tape.
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Who says rockstars don't use duct tape? These KISS costumes look practically indestructible. Halloween decorations don't need to be labor-intensive, check out what one woman did with some old laundry baskets.
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Comic Book Characters

This cast of superheroes looks like they could save the world! Their duct tape could also help make your dryer dry faster with some help from dryer duct booster. How's that for super powers? What's Halloween without pumpkins? Make your pumpkins stand out with these carving ideas.
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This motley crew of scallywags are ready to take to the high seas! Though, we doubt a duct table barrel will offer much protection. Keep a breeze going in your sails at home with proper kitchen venting with an assist from duct tape. These are the spookiest Halloween decorations you can only buy at Target.
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It might be tough to change the score on this version of Fenway Park's scoreboard, but this team scores points for originality! Keep track of where your duct tape at home is located with this handy paper towel holder. If you've got smart home devices, now you can use them to make Halloween even scarier.
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Super Mario Bros.

The gang's all here – Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and even Wario! Just like a flute can bail you out of a jam in Super Mario Bros., keep a roll of duct tape around for home emergencies. These utterly creepy Halloween decorations will frighten all your neighbors.

Destination Imagination, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-led non-profit organization whose purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. The organization is a leader in project-based learning experiences, where students work together in teams to solve open-ended STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and service learning Challenges and then present their solutions at tournaments. Founded in 1982, Destination Imagination has impacted more than 2 million students. To learn more, please visit

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