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15 Mudroom Organization Ideas

The mudroom is a treasured part of the house for outdoor and sports-loving families—but it's important to prepare this heavy-duty area for a lot of dirty foot traffic. If your entryway isn't quite the mudroom you need it to be, or you aren't sure if you have the space for mudroom amenities, try out these great mudroom organization ideas.

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Sturdy BenchSergiy Palamarchuk/Shutterstock

Sturdy Bench

A rock-solid bench in the mudroom is a must. It's where everyone puts on and takes off their footwear, so make sure the bench can handle the weight of several people without tipping over. Fastening it to the wall is one way to make sure your mudroom organization stays put. Plus: How to build a bench of your own
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Screens for VentilationFamily Handyman

Screens for Ventilation

Shoes, boots and athletic gear that hangs out in the mudroom can cause some not-so-pleasant odors to linger. Open screen doors and windows whenever possible to keep fresh air moving through the mudroom organization area. Plus: How to fix a screen door
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A Place to Hang Your Hat

A Place to Hang Your Hat

Mudroom organization isn't complete without a set of strong hooks and a few sturdy shelves for storage. And people need a place to hang everything from hats to trekking poles, so provide plenty of room. Also remember to use reinforced hooks supported by studs for heavy coats and equipment. Plus: Create DIY coat hooks
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Hard-Working Rugbjphotographs/Shutterstock

Hard-Working Rug

Don't throw down just any rug in the mudroom. So choose a rug that has some bristle to it so that it can deal with dirty shoes, and make sure it's easy to clean. Also, if the rug will be lying on a smooth surface, use rug grips to make sure it doesn't slide around. Plus: How to clean area rugs yourself
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Set Up a Shoe StationFamily Handyman

Set Up a Shoe Station

If you don't really have the room for a full mudroom organization setup, then at least dedicate a corner for shoes and boots. And a couple hooks, a large shoe brush, and a seat or support for taking off shoes is all you really need. Plus: Building a shoe organizer for your home
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Include a Laundry BasketStockforlife/Shutterstock

Include a Laundry Basket

Dirty, smelly socks, jerseys and sweatshirts can pile up in a hurry in a mudroom. Make it easy for those items to land in the laundry by setting up a large basket as a hamper. And this can be quickly hauled over to the washing machine to keep up your mudroom organization. Plus: Build your own laundry chute
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Combination Laundry Room/MudroomArtazum/Shutterstock

Combination Laundry Room/Mudroom

If your laundry room is next to your entryway, consider a combination laundry room/mudroom. The laundry room is typically designed for utilitarian work (with few breakable or stainable items), plus it has plenty of towels and cleaning supplies close at hand, when needed. And this will keep up your mudroom organization. Plus: Organize your laundry room with these tips
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Build Individual Storage LockersFamily Handyman

Build Individual Storage Lockers

Make everyone responsible for their own things by giving them their own locker. These cabinets provide individualized spaces for school supplies, equipment and outerwear. And will keep up your mudroom organization. Plus: Build these great-looking, functional storage lockers
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Skip the DoorsFamily Handyman

Skip the Doors

If you prefer open storage, consider this storage locker cabinet. It's an ideal option for mudroom organization if you have active kids. And if they would rather not waste time opening and closing cabinets on their way out the door.
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Include a Message CenterFamily Handyman

Include a Message Center

If your mudroom is also your primary entryway, set up a little message center. This message center project includes a bulletin board, small shelves for notes, and even a pull up writing surface. And this is the perfect place to leave reminders and sweet messages for each other.
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Cubbyholes are another popular choice for garage mudroom ideas for organization storage. These small, open spaces are ideal for stowing shoes or small pieces of equipment that would otherwise be dropped all over the floor. And both low-level and high-level cubbyholes can work well. Also, consider fabric or wicker baskets that fit into the cubbyholes to hides the mess. Plus, you could always build a basket stand for amping up your storage space.
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Garage Mudroom OrganizationFamily Handyman

Garage Mudroom Organization

If your entryway is small, you can create a mudroom in your garage near the interior door. So encourage kids to drop off their gear before they even make it into the house. This handy garage mudroom ideas setup combines storage space for typical mudroom organization items like shoes and sports gear along with plenty of space for garage items as well. Plus: Garage cleaning tips
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Hanging BinsFamily Handyman

Hanging Bins

Sometimes, you need convenient storage for managing recycling, water toys or gardening tools. In this case, we suggest building these plastic bin hangers that give you maximum mudroom organization storage space up and off the floor. And pull down a bin when it's time to play with the toys or bring the recycling to the curb.
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Convert a ClosetFamily Handyman

Convert a Closet

If space is limited, you can convert a closet into a mudroom closet ideas and organization space. So consider clearing out a closet, installing a short bench and shelves to create a mini mudroom. And learn closet organization tips. Plus: You can also turn your closet into an office!
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Surprise! Behind-the-Door StorageFamily Handyman

Surprise! Behind-the-Door Storage

Still struggling to find enough mudroom organization room for small equipment and gear? We suggest setting up storage behind the door. And you can build these shelves that hide the mess when the door is open. Plus: Laundry room ideas