15 Stunning Front Doors

An inviting front door will improve your home's curb appeal, whether you're ready to sell or planning to stay. If you're thinking about changing the look of your home's front entrance—maybe with paint or a whole new door—here are 15 stunning front doors to inspire you.

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Brick with wood front doors

Wood Door with Brick

Natural dark wood front doors are classic, whether paired with brick or stucco. If you have a wood front door that needs a refresh, follow these pro tips for selecting the best outdoor paint or stain.

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Bold Blue Front Door

Bold Blue Door

This bold blue front door pops against the yellow siding and white trim. These exterior color trends can help if you’re on the fence about what colors to choose.

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Mint Green Front Door with Brick
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Mint Green Door with Brick

Try the unexpected when it comes to color on your front door, such as mint green. If your front door has old hardware, make some simple upgrades to help prevent break-ins.

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Black Front Door with Planters
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Black Door with Planters

This sleek black door is made of vertical wood boards which give it a modern look and the flowers add a pop of color.

Add more color to your home’s front entrance with these hanging planter ideas.

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Dark Blue Front Door with Matching Shutters Brick siding

Dark Blue Door with Matching Shutters

This older brick home in The Netherlands has a rich, dark midnight-blue front door with matching window shutters.

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Classic Red Front Door

Classic Red Door

Red is a classic color for front doors. If you plan on painting your door in a vibrant red, follow these simple steps for exterior paint prep.

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Modern Wood Front Door with Frosted Glass

Modern Wood with Frosted Glass

This dark wood front door on a home in Athens, Greece shows modern design is still popular around the world. No matter what your style, here are 15 stunning front door colors for a house that wows.

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Minimalist Black Front Door

Minimalist Black

The minimalist look of this black front door is what makes it so stunning. Proper preparation and the right tools make painting front doors easy and will give you great results. Add modern hardware for an updated look.

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Burgundy Front Door with Wreath
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Burgundy Front Door with Wreath

No matter what the season, use a wreath on the burgundy front door to make guests feel welcome.

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Yellow Front Door with Wood Trim
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Yellow Door with Wood Trim

This bold yellow door pairs well with the surrounding wood trim. If your front door is old, you can replace it with a stylish new energy efficient one in just a weekend.

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Double Front Doors
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Double Front Doors

These double front doors in Rome give this home an elegant look. For double or French doors, you can add heavy-duty barrel bolts at the top and bottom to prevent them from being damaged by strong winds.

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Pink Front Door
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Pink Door

Don’t be afraid to choose an unexpected color when it comes to your front door. Pink pairs well with neutral colors, like gray, white and tan.

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Light Blue Front Door with Planter Boxes
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Light Blue Door with Planter Boxes

One of the easiest ways to add color to your home’s front entrance is with flowers. Build a wooden planter box to hang on the front step railing. These 10 DIY projects will also add instant curb appeal to your home.

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Lime Green Front Door with Matching Chair
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Lime Green Door with Matching Chair

The lime green on this modern front door matches the chair on the front porch. Paint your porch furniture to match your door with these 15 tips for painting outdoor furniture.

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Yellow Front Door with Landscaping

Yellow Door with Landscaping

Landscaping around your front door can add color and texture while enhancing the front door. If you don’t have a green thumb, try low-maintenance plants that create a stunning look without much effort.

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