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15 Tips For An Organized Mudroom

Don't just hide your entryway stuff—organize it! Check out 15 tips for a mudroom that is clean and organized from top to bottom.

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Build Mudroom LockersFamily Handyman

Build Mudroom Lockers

Enclosed storage is a valuable commodity in a mudroom. When backpacks, outerwear and toys all converge, having a storage location behind doors makes sense. You can build these beautiful mudroom lockers in a weekend for storage that works as good as it looks.
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Use Basketslittleny/Shutterstock

Use Baskets

Baskets, bins and boxes are all excellent storage tools in an organized mudroom. You can separate items by bin, such as shoes and hats, or assign a bin to each member of the family. No matter how you organize it, you'll never regret using these handy pieces.
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Have a Bench for Putting On ShoesFamily Handyman

Have a Bench for Putting On Shoes

The look of a built-in mudroom is the stuff of magazines, but it can be a reality with our awesome IKEA Hemnes Hack. With a few small tweaks, you'll have a functional area that's beautiful and will help boost the value of your home.
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Umbrella StorageDontree/Shutterstock

Umbrella Storage

A simple bucket is more useful than it looks. From umbrellas to canes, baseball bats or rolls of craft paper, this genius but often overlooked addition will be right at home in your organized mudroom.
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Build a Hat RackFamily Handyman

Build a Hat Rack

Vertical storage ideas are often overlooked, but with the right design—such as our great hat rack—you can organize a lot of items with just a little bit of wall space. Click here for instructions on how to build this hat rack.
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DIY Boot TrayFamily Handyman

DIY Boot Tray

It's difficult to organize shoes and boots, especially if they're wet and dirty. Make a boot rack by simply adding some small stones to a durable tray to allow your footwear to drain and dry.
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Build a Message CenterFamily Handyman

Build a Message Center

Since most of your family will pass through your mudroom at least once per day, a handy message center to organize notes, calendars and even homework is a brilliant addition. Check out our space-saving DIY message center for a project that will fit almost anywhere.
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Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-Door Storage

When is comes to smart storage, you need to use every available inch of space. That's why handy over-the-door storage units like this one from Bed Bath & Beyond are a great addition and very versatile.
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Install Protective WaintscotingFamily Handyman

Install Protective Waintscoting

Part of keeping a space organized is being able to keep it clean. Wainscoting is the perfect solution for homes with kids and pets to protect walls and keep scuffs to a minimum. Simply follow our guide to installing wainscoting and be sure to coat it with a durable paint.
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Hang a Mirrorvillorejo/Shutterstock

Hang a Mirror

It can be handy to hang a mirror in your mudroom for last-minute checks before you walk out the door or to fix windblown hair after you come inside.
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Use Mudroom Space Wisely

Use Mudroom Space Wisely

Even if you don't have an entire room for an entryway, you can still create mudroom storage in a small space. Smart units, like this shoe storage cabinet from IKEA, are an excellent way to keep shoes hidden and off of the mudroom floor.
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Go BasicArtazum/Shutterstock

Go Basic

Great storage doesn't have to be complicated. With a few modifications to our simple box shelves and the addition of some legs, you can have a perfect place to sit and put on your shoes with ample storage, to boot.
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Interesting and Useful HooksFamily Handyman

Interesting and Useful Hooks

Coat hooks are an essential accessory for an organized mudroom. To keep it kid-friendly, hang hooks where young children can reach them. For a fun and whimsical touch, you can create hooks out of old tools like those pictured.
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Mudroom Cubbies for DaysFamily Handyman

Mudroom Cubbies for Days

The epitome of mudroom style and function is the cubby. This DIY mudroom unit has ample storage for the whole family and plenty of spaces for baskets to keep items hidden.
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Glove and Mitt StorageFamily Handyman

Glove and Mitt Storage

This brilliant storage idea can be used for gloves, hats and even lost socks. It's also great for drying out damp items before stashing them in a drawer or cabinet.