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20 Incredible DIY Gifts for Teachers

Celebrate Teachers' Day in a creative way

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Giant Backyard Jenga Game

Giant Backyard Jenga Game

If you have a miter saw and some boards laying around, then you can make this enjoyable backyard game. It can be great for tailgating before football games as well. Check out how to build a backyard Jenga game.
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Garden BenchFamily Handyman

Garden Bench

With a simple design and elegant lines, this beautiful garden bench is the perfect place to sit and enjoy your backyard. The design is strong and stable, and the curved seat adds a touch of originality to the look. This DIY outdoor furniture project requires moderate skills, for example making biscuit joints with a biscuit joiner. A router is a good alternative if you don't have a biscuit joiner. This bench can be completed in a weekend and costs between $100 and $500 to build, depending on your choice of wood.
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Simple Folding ChairFamily Handyman

Simple Folding Chair

This folding wooden lawn chair is the perfect project for a beginner. It boasts a simple design, with a carrying handle cutout in the back for easy portability and a neat interlocking look. This DIY wooden chair requires mainly basic woodworking tools, although you'll need a table saw and a belt sander for best results. It costs $20 to $100 to make, depending on the wood. The chair shown is cedar, but you could also use Cypress fir or pressure-treated wood. You can easily build a chair like this in a day.
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Frame up World Teacher's Day with a Ruler Picture Frame

Frame up World Teacher's Day with a Ruler Picture Frame

Rule World Teacher's Day by making a ruler picture frame for your favorite teacher. A ruler picture frame can be done cheaply and quickly with just a few items: rulers, picture frame, saw and glue gun. Cut rulers to the length of the picture frame with a saw and glue to the picture frame. Photo: Courtesy of A Cottage in the City
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Crayon Picture Frame

A crayon picture frame can be a quick DIY project for parents and children. Just pick up a picture frame, crayons, a saw and a glue gun. Cut crayons to fit the frame and glue away for an easy gift. If you want to hang the picture frame, check out how to do it right.
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Make a BenchFamily Handyman

Make a Bench

For teachers in need of a place to tie shoes and give a special reward to good students, a bench can be a perfect addition to the classroom. Follow the steps outlined in this project to become teacher’s pet.
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Create a Sand and Water Table

Sand and water tables range in cost from $30 to $300 but a DIYer can churn one out simply with a few items. Some PVC pipe and a plastic bin can be all you need. Or pick up a mixing tub and some lumber. Got leftover bins, check out these ideas on how to use them for storage.
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Construct a Small Sitting StoolFamily Handyman

Construct a Small Sitting Stool

Take this project on simple shop stools and use it to create a little stool for the classroom. A simple stool can let teacher put their feet up after a long day, help reach items placed high in cabinets or give additional seating options for students.
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Make Milk Crate Seats

Make Milk Crate Seats

Milk crates are great for storage or keeping the little ones on the edge of their seat. Add a cushion and a wooden top that fits snugly into the crate and you won’t have to worry about kids dragging chairs across the classroom. You can also use those milk crates at home for storage options. Photo: Courtesy of K's Classroom Kreations
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Learn the ABCs of Alphabet Blocks

Learn the ABCs of Alphabet Blocks

Have some old lumber lying around, turn it into some alphabet blocks with a little vinyl stenciling. Photo: Courtesy of A Glimpse Inside
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For the Budding Electrician

For the Budding Electrician

The littleBits Electronics Base Kit is a bit of an investment, but it's worth the price. Kids can safely play with and learn about electricity, all without wiring, soldering, or programming. This gift develops basic STEM principles that might come in handy in the future. You just might make a mini electrician or electrical engineer out of it!

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Add a Pegboard WallFamily Handyman

Add a Pegboard Wall

Need space and somewhere to hang things, look no further than pegboard. It’s been a favorite of teachers for decades and you can start here to get some ideas for the teacher in your family.
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Pipe up with PVC pipe for phonics phones

Pipe up with PVC pipe for phonics phones

PVC pipe is great for many things like storing fishing rods or long objects on pegboard. Turns out it’s great in the classroom for phonics phones as students learn to read. Add some colored duct tape to liven it up or in order to break groups up by color.
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Add in an Anchor Chart

If finding a spot for an anchor chart is challenging try using some adhesive command hooks, binder rings and a curtain rod to support your anchor chart. The binder rings slot through the curtain rod, which rests on the command hooks, and teacher has a spot to write down directions or put up an attendance chart. You can also try using a curtain rod for a spice rack.
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Create a Radical Reading Corner

Use some of these bunk bed ideas to start brainstorming about a reading space design. Or maybe take a look at some of these mancave ideas, but it’s best to skip those ideas that involve adult beverages.
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Shove Things in a Storage Bin for the ClassroomFamily Handyman

Shove Things in a Storage Bin for the Classroom

These bins are great for books and handle all kinds of miscellaneous clutter. Shelves and cabinets are great places to store kid stuff, but when you're in a hurry (and kids always are), it's nice to just throw and go.
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Class up the Classroom with Storage BinsFamily Handyman

Class up the Classroom with Storage Bins

The classroom is always tight for space so enhance one with these garage storage ideas that can be easily adapted for the school. Store all those markers, pencils and erasers in one spot so you don’t have to worry about them spilling all over the place.
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Build an Easel

Every teacher has an easel, or two, of some sort in the classroom to easily focus the attention of the class. Easels, however, are rarely provided by the school. Save on teacher expenses by creating an easel of your own. You'll need two 6-ft 1x2s, a 63-inch 1x2, a 50-inch 1x2, four 36-inch 1x2s, a 27 1/2-inch 1x2, a 12 1/2-inch 1x2 and two 2-inch 1x2s along with carriage bolts, flat washers, wing nuts, screws, a 22-inch chain link, two small eye bolts and wood glue. A saw and clamps will also be needed.
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Craft a BookcaseFamily Handyman

Craft a Bookcase

Build a simple bookcase for the classroom library or go as elaborate as you can for a one-stop-shop for little readers.
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Build a Maker CartFamily Handyman

Build a Maker Cart

A rolling tool box cart is not only great for tools, it’s great for hauling things around the classroom. From heavy objects to setting up different stations, it’s a versatile option for educators.

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