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16 Best Things to Buy at Harbor Freight for DIYers

If you're a DIYer, Harbor Freight has you covered.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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miter sawvia merchant

Compound Miter Saw

We’ve already talked about table saws. Now it’s time to take a look at a miter saw. The Hercules miter saw from Harbor Freight is a good choice for precision work.

The sliding mechanism gives you a 14-in. horizontal cut capacity, with 6-3/4-in. vertical capacity. It comes bundled with a 60-tooth saw blade to get you started immediately.

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cordless drillvia merchant

Light-Duty Cordless Drill/Driver

The Warrior line from Harbor Freight is designed to be affordable and accessible, without the frills of the mid-grade Bauer or higher-end Hercules models. That simplicity is what makes the Warrior 12v cordless drill/driver a great selection for DIYers.

With a lightweight 12-volt battery, this model is easy to carry around from task to task. It’s worth picking up a trio of them, one for the house, a second for the garage and a third to stash in the truck.

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suction cupsvia merchant

Suction Cup Lifter

For some reason, not everyone has discovered the incredible usefulness of suction cups. Any time you’re moving a bulky object with a hard surface, you’ll be much happier if you break out the cups and give yourself a helping hand. This model from Laguna can hold 125 lbs. allowing you to easily move everything from windows and doors to refrigerators and stoves.

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magnetic holdervia merchant

Magnetic Parts Holder

A magnetic parts holder may seem like a simple device, but it can be a lifesaver when you’re on top of a ladder. Ever fumble to get your last screw onto a drill head, hoping it doesn’t slip off and tumble two stories before disappearing into the lawn? Then you know what we mean.

This model holds up to 10 lbs. of loose parts, and its non-marring rubber base protects delicate surfaces.

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hydraulic jackvia merchant

Hydraulic Bottle Jack

A bottle jack is one of those tools that doesn’t get a lot of use until you need it. Then it’s an absolute game-changer.

This hydraulic jack from Pittsburgh provides easy lifting of heavy equipment, and comes with a twist top for precise adjustments. Whether you’re using it to lift a car, correct a cupped joist or support a garage door during a repair, it packs 12 tons of power into a tiny package.

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floor blowervia merchant

Floor Blower

A floor blower is an all-around useful tool. While it doesn’t cool as efficiently as a box fan, it moves a concentrated stream of air well enough.

This Bauer model is a perfect choice to dry water-permeated floors and carpet, ventilate tight spaces or draw dust out of a workspace (it won’t collect the dust, however). The three speeds allow you to select the right power level for your specific situation. And the adjustable blowing angles — zero, 45 and 90 degrees — lets you put the air movement exactly where you need it.

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utility pumpvia merchant

Submersible Utility Pump

Submersible pumps are a perfect way to remove water from flooded areas. This Drummond submersible unit can pump water down to less than 1/4-inch, saving you from water damage and getting you back in business quickly. Conveniently, it comes with two garden hose adapters (straight and 90 degrees). It’s great for all kinds of situations, from emptying a flooded room or a pool to draining standing water from your yard.

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tool bagvia merchant

Soft-Bottom Tool Bag

Every DIYer needs a dependable way to carry tools from project to project, and one of the best options is a soft-bottom tool bag. A padded bottom protects the items inside the bag. It also prevents scratches and dings to hardwood floors or countertops.

The 16-inch-wide opening can accommodate most handheld tools. The six interior pockets are rugged enough to handle bits, blades and accessories.

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flashlightvia merchant

Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

Modern flashlights use LED technology to put out far more light than similar devices did even a few years ago. This 3,700 lumen LED Quantum flashlight provides long range illumination with a run time of 13 hours, along with an easy-to-grip aluminum barrel.

The Quantum uses a whopping 12 AAA batteries, and the first dozen are included with purchase.

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utility knifevia merchant

Retractable Utility Knife

Knives like this retractable model from Doyle are designed for dependability and tool-free blade replacement. The knife body also stores up to five replacement blades, while an integrated trimmer lets you use it to trim string and wire without opening the blade.

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magnet caddyvia merchant

Magnetic Accessory Holder

Keep your tools close at hand with a magnetic caddy from U.S. General. The rubber-coated magnets attach to any ferrous metal without marring the surface, and you’ll have easy access to up to two spray cans and five screwdrivers.

If those aren’t the tools you need most often, Harbor Freight carries lots of magnetic options, covering everything from paper towel holders to latex glove dispensers.

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Diamond Grit Hole Saw

A diamond hole saw lets you cut into tile, stone, glass, granite and brick. This tool option comes with a side ejection slot to allow easy plug disposal. It’s available in 5/16-in. and 3/18-in. bit diameters.

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Three-Ply Disposable Face Masks

During the pandemic, the world learned a lot about face masks. For DIYers who crawl around in a dusty attic or other dirty environment, this 10-pack of three-ply face masks is a great choice. The tough fabric is designed to withstand a full day’s work in a garage or workshop.

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bug zapper lightvia merchant

Rechargeable Lantern and Bug Zapper

This rechargeable lantern and bug zapper is intended for campers, but the 200-lumen output also instantly brightens your workspace. Easily hung overhead, it’s especially useful in summer as it doubles as a bug zapper. This will help keep unwanted insects (and the critters who feed on them!) out of your garage or workshop.

With up to 20 hours of run time, don’t fret about keeping batteries on hand. Just recharge with the micro-USB port, and you’re ready to go again. Best of all, rain isn’t an issue — it’s rated IPX6 waterproof.

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Utility Rope

Whether you’re tying down lumber in your truck bed or lashing stakes to support a post, every workshop needs dependable rope! This 75-ft. rope is a great choice.

The nylon-polyester blend fiber resistants rot and mildew, while the diamond braid minimizes stretching. It safely handles working loads of more than 300 lbs.

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jump starterVia Merchant

Rechargeable Jump Starter

A jump starter isn’t the kind of tool that you use every day. But when you actually need it, you’ll be glad you picked one up at Harbor Freight.

This rechargeable jump starter from Viking has the power to jump V8 gas engines and V6 diesels. It comes with a USB port to make it easy to charge your phones and tablets, plus an LED emergency light. This all-in-one package will be there when you need it.

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Dan Stout
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