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Home Trends We Wish Would Go Away ASAP

When trends get overdone too quickly, they lose their charm just as fast.

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Fast Furniture

Much like the concept of “fast fashion,” brands like IKEA capitalize on providing easy-to-assemble, ultra-affordable designs that are trending right now. While it can save you money and time, these items probably won’t last more than a few seasons, due to poor-quality materials or outdated design. Check out these 17 secrets IKEA employees won’t tell you.

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Edison Bulbs

From trendy coffee shops to household ceilings, Edison bulbs are everywhere. And while it was fun to have an aesthetically-pleasing, subtle light option for a while, it seems businesses and homes everywhere have taken the exposed lighting look to a whole new level. The reality is, however, they don’t put out much light, and there are plenty of other unique ways to avoid harsh lighting, like a chandelier! You might be interested in these 14 modern pendant lighting trends.

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Mason Jar

Is there a more tired trend than the mason jar craze? Truly, they’re everywhere, and not in a good way! When your candle holders, salad container, soap dispensers and vases are all mason jars, it’s time to back off. Never picked up the mason jar trend? Add one to your car with this DIY project.

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Cacti Decor

Cacti have undoubtedly had a moment this year, showing up in real (or faux) form in the corners of living rooms, as quirky artwork staggered on the walls, and even full-blown wallpaper. But it’s simply become overdone, and when spiky succulents grow up your walls in the form of wallpaper and line your windowsill in tiny jars, it might be time to tone it down. At first, it feels special to be on-trend, until you realize your friend has the exact same decor in the exact same place that you have it in your home! Are you guilty of decorating your home with cacti? Perhaps pick just a few subtle options and disperse well.

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Farmhouse Style

The Gaines duo surely brought farmhouse decor to the forefront, but their subtle touches were soon turned into an explosion in people’s homes. Yes, a farmhouse sink can look cool, but when combined with shiplap, wood and iron chandeliers, exposed beams, sliding barn doors and more, it resembles an actual barn! Here are the top 8 reasons farmhouse style has lost its charm.

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