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28 Ideas for Holiday Decor in Every Room

Christmas decorating doesn't only happen in the living room or on a tree – it happens everywhere! Check out these great Christmas decorating ideas for every room in your house.

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Stairs Getting Stares

Don’t forget the stairs when decorating for Christmas. Sure a little garland along the railing is a no brainer but go bigger like this design from Just Destiny Mag. A couple of marquee letters spell out “Ho Ho Ho” and in between some fancy luminaries. Find out how to keep a handrail sturdy so you don't end up having any holiday emergencies. Photo: Courtesy of Just Destiny Mag
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Pine Forest

There’s a little bit of pine just about everywhere in this dining room from Worthing Court. The mini pine trees on the shelf and on the dining room table and the wreaths hang on the chandelier. If you're considering remodeling the kitchen or dining room, get some remodeling ideas.
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Wreaths and Trees

If the woody feel of Christmas is your thing, check out this centerpiece and wall art from Paint Me Pink. The pinecones are arranged in a wreath pattern on the wall. When it's time to put all the decorations away, find out easy ways to store Christmas ornaments.
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Chandelier Holly Wreath

A chandelier is a natural option for decorating in any room. This one from From My Front Porch to Yours includes a little holly, a welcomed addition that stands out from many other decorations. Find out how to hang a ceiling light fixture to make sure that wreath shines.
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Twinkle Lights

Hanging LED Christmas lights from the ceiling isn’t anything new but doing so in the hallway is a fresh approach. It recalls images of little ones sneaking down the stairs to get a peak of Santa in the middle of the night. Here check out more ideas to decorate your hallway. Photo: Courtesy of Nest of Posies
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Lantern Wreath

You can buy cuttings from a tree lot that you can bundle to create decorations around the house. At In My Own Style, those cuttings were turned into outdoor decorations under lights. Get some ideas for outdoor string lighting. Photo: Courtesy of In My Own Style
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Doorway Garland

This is a classic decoration but check out the large pinecones. Big pinecones can look pretty good with garland. Learn how to install an exterior door. Photo: Courtesy of Setting for Four
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Lantern Ornaments

Lanterns are pretty good ornaments on their own but when you fill up an old one with Christmas ornaments it’s quite the look. Any color ornament will kind of work when you’ve got a neutral colored lantern like this. Find out how to replace an exterior door if you want a new look. Photo: Courtesy of Dimples and Tangles
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Cranberry Luminaries

Grab some cranberries and go wild decorating this sensational Christmas luminaries that can be made in five minutes. Add some cedar greens, a floating candle and some water to create an awesome look at home. Just be careful with those luminaries and learn fire safety tips.
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Bedside Christmas Tree

What’s better than running down to the Christmas tree in the morning to open presents? How about waking up to a Christmas tree on your nightstand? Pretty cool and it’ll put you in the Christmas spirit. Find ways to save money during the holidays.
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Advent Ladder

Here’s a new take on an advent calendar, try the advent ladder. Vintage, rustic, sleek and simple, it’s a fantastic addition to any room in the house. Make holiday decorating easier this season.
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Garland Headboard

Plum Pretty Décor and Design used fresh garland around the headboard, chandelier and elsewhere around the bedroom for festive decorating. If the scent of pine is sweet on your nostrils, this might be a good idea. Learn more about DIY Christmas garlands and some handy hints for Christmas trees to prolong the life of your tree.

Want a new twist on a classic garland decoration? This DIY giant popcorn garland offers a unique twist.

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Vintage Sled Island

Hanging a vintage sled over a kitchen island is a awesome idea that Golden Boys and Me pulled off flawlessly. Adding the wrapped presents and cookie tins fill out the space to complete the look. Drum up some ideas for kitchen island designs for your home. Photo: Courtesy of Golden Boys and Me
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Rudolph Reigns Outside

Rudolph leads the way for Santa each year but he can also lead people to your house during the holiday season. Housepitality Designs stationed a wooden Rudolph outside the door with a plaid scarf for a neat touch. Learn how to make easy Christmas ornaments for your home. Photo: Courtesy of Housepitality Designs
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Forget the Yuletide Log

This DIY centerpiece from Jenna Burger is complete with faux berries, branches and pinecones. Candles can surround it on the table for more dramatic effect during the dining experience. Photo: Courtesy of Jenna Burger
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Mudroom Magic

This mudroom pops with red plaid against the blue background to give a strong holiday cheer right away. Get some ideas to organize your mudroom. Photo: Courtesy of Golden Boys and Me
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Natural Wreath

A “Joy” board wreath is a neat touch outside the door like what was done at Fynes Designs. It’s a fairly simple project for DIYers and makes your home stand out instantly. Try some clip-and-snip wreaths for your home. Photo: Courtesy of Fynes Designs
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Fa La La La La Foyer

This foyer from Nesting Blissfully Interiors calls up Christmas with carols with the elaborate set up around the foyer table. Check out these 15 awesome ideas for entryways after the holidays. Photo: Courtesy of Nesting Blissfully Interiors
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Bedroom Lights

Your tree doesn’t have to be the only thing to light up around the house. This canopy bed works out well to hang some Christmas lights above the headboard. It adds a festive charm. Get your Christmas lights ready for the season by learn how to replace Christmas light bulbs.
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Simple Christmas Tree Decorations: Broken Furniture Piece Ornaments

Simple Christmas Tree Decorations: Broken Furniture Piece Ornaments

Project via Hometalker Debbi from Debi's Design Diary. Turn your broken or salvaged furniture scraps into whimsical Christmas tree ornaments with this awesome tutorial. Cut, paint, and hang these refinished furniture bits and bobs, for holiday decor that's stunning and free!
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Pallet Christmas Tree

Pallet Christmas Tree

Project via Hometalker Tammy from Deja Vue Designs. Take a break from the classic pallet Christmas tree by adding a little shine to your design. Drill holes in your pallet boards to fit twinkling Christmas lights, for authentic holiday style that would look great displayed on your porch or propped on your mantel. Learn how to make the Pallet Christmas Tree.
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Simple Christmas Tree Decorations: Wood Slice Ornaments

Simple Christmas Tree Decorations: Wood Slice Ornaments

Project via Hometalker Katie from Upcycled Treasures. For a simply beautiful holiday design, turn a fallen branch or collected log into a stack of slices perfect for decorating your tree. Add some graphics with this simple transfer method, or write merry messages and draw your own holiday images by hand!
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Ceiling Hung Wreath

Ceiling Hung Wreath

Project via Hometalker Emily from Our House Now a Home.

If you're looking for a way to add some interest to your holiday home, try decorating vertically, with a large hanging Christmas wreath. With these directions for safe and simple installation, you can turn your ceiling into a canvas for decor this holiday!

Learn how to make the Ceiling Hung Wreath.
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Moss-Covered 'Joy' Sign

Moss-Covered 'Joy' Sign

Project via Hometalkers Trish and Bonnie from Uncommon Designs.

For another wreath alternative, try a moss-covered greeting that's sure to give guests and passers-by a smile. Follow the helpful tutorial to create this merry decor design that looks like it's right out of a home and garden magazine.

Learn how to make the Moss-Covered 'Joy' Sign.
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Scrap Wood Wreath

Scrap Wood Wreath

Project via Hometalker Becky from Beyond the Picket Fence.

Who says you need to go traditional? Gather a couple pieces of scrap wood and mix up some paint, for a festive scrap wood wreath that is anything but ordinary, and can be used year after year!

Learn how to make the Scrap Wood Wreath.
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Bold 'Noel' Sign

Bold 'Noel' Sign

Project via Hometalker Courtney from Crafts by Courtney.

Never settle for store-bought decor, when you know you could do it better and on a lower budget, like the creator of this bold DIY 'Noel' sign A wooden sign and a little paint bring a lot of cheer to any holiday home (especially when they were in the budget)!

Learn how to make the Bold 'Noel' Sign.
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Wooden Snowflake

Wooden Snowflake

Project via Hometalker Pauline from My Altered State.

Mimic all the beautiful geometry of snowflakes, with this rustic DIY wooden snowflake design that's perfect for adding to your porch this season. Gather together some tools and prepare for a flurry of holiday fun!

Learn how to make the Wooden Snowflake.
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Light-Up Present Christmas Decorations

Light-Up Present Christmas Decorations

Project via Hometalker Holly from Down to Earth Style. Combine two favorite Christmas features, twinkly lights and piles of gifts, and create the perfect attractive and exciting holiday display. These large lit-up wooden gifts are perfect for porch decor, or for arranging around your tree. You should also check out this tutorial on how to make a Christmas bow. Here find out when to put up Christmas decorations.