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30 Smart Gift Ideas for DIY Kids

Looking for smart gifts for your DIY-loving kids? Here are the best gift ideas to get them involved in home projects, encourage experiments, help them learn new skills...and of course, have a lot of fun!

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Periscope Kitkatarinag/Shutterstock

Periscope Kit

A periscope is a simple and fun DIY project for young kids, and affordable kits are available online (or you could build one yourself out of spare parts and mirrors). And it teaches some lessons about science. Also, it's super fun to experiment with on a rainy day–just make sure the recipient hasn't tackled this project at school already!
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Kid Kitchen KnivesDenis Kolomeitsev/Shutterstock

Kid Kitchen Knives

Do your kids love to hang out in the kitchen? And are they old enough to help out? Think about getting some nylon knives that allow them to do simple cutting tasks and help out, but without the danger of hurting themselves.
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Science Experiment Box

Science Experiment Box Subscription

There are a number of science box subscription kits that you can buy to the delight of kids who love to experiment. And each typically includes a single experiment or project to work on (while you tackle projects of your own!) While also teaching valuable skills. These kits are available for a wide variety of ages with a little research.
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Local Workshops and ClassesOlena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

Local Workshops and Classes

Research local high school and community college classes and workshops. And many of these are designed for all ages and your kids can learn many valuable DIY skills including cooking, metalwork, painting and much more.
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Kid Action Cam

A kid action cam can be mounted on a variety of surfaces (including helmets) and costs far less than more advanced models from GoPro and others. And kids can use it to capture shots of their favorites sports or activities. Or set it up to take close shots of nature and wildlife–some models are even waterproof.
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Mop and Broom SetAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Mop and Broom Set

Kids may also want to help you clean up after projects (a great way to get them involved in more complex repairs or hobbies). Or clean the house (yes, some children actually do enjoy cleaning!). And cleaning kits provide kid-sized tools that allow them to easily help out and master cleaning basics early on.
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Circuit Maze Board Game

For kids who love technology and basic electrical work, this board game can be a brilliant gift for early training with circuits. And it encourages them to solve puzzles by building various simple circuit boards while teaching them a ton at the same time.
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Water RocketMama Belle Love kids/Shutterstock

Water Rocket

The water rocket is a classic DIY project guaranteed to provide outside fun and experimentation. There are a lot of kits you can choose from, with different requirements (some may require a bicycle pump, etc.). But just make sure it's warm enough outside to play with water!
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Kid's Gardening ToolsIlike/Shutterstock

Kid's Gardening Tools

Just like helping out around the house, some kids also love to help around the yard–but yard tools are too large and more awkward for tiny hands. So why not get them a garden tool set and set aside a flower or vegetable patch for them to call their own? And you can also let them help out when it's time to rake leaves!
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Comeback CanStocksnapper/Shutterstock

Comeback Can

A comeback can is a very old project that continues to delight inquisitive preschoolers who love building and playing with things to find out how they work. And if you want to keep them guessing and find a fun DIY project to work on together, build your own comeback can.
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Mini Catapultpatrickds/Shutterstock

Mini Catapult

From very simple to surprisingly complex, there are a number of DIY catapults and catapult kits that you can buy for the kids on your list. And it's perfect if they really love throwing things around, and you'd rather they do it more constructively.
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Programmable RobotNestor Rizhniak/Shutterstock

Programmable Robot

Let's say your kid has moved far beyond circuit games, but still loves technology. So get them an innovative robot kit to experiment with instead. And this gift will be challenging and endlessly fun.
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Knock Hockey TableVital9s/Shutterstock

Knock Hockey Table

This hockey table project will teach basic woodworking skills while also providing a simple, movable hockey table to play with. And it's not quite air hockey, but it's still an incredibly fun project. Also, you can make it with your kid, or build it yourself. Give it to them and ask if the two of you can play the inaugural game.
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Compressed Air Party Popperbhathaway/Shutterstock

Compressed Air Party Popper

Kids typically love party poppers, but they only work once. However, you can get them a kit that will allow them to make and load their own party popper however many times they want. While this also teaches them how to work with basic tools (you can also teach them how to clean up confetti).
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Mini WorkbenchEvgeniiAnd/Shutterstock

Mini Workbench

Do you have an old table lying around? And think about turning it into a mini workbench for kids to explore their own hobbies in their own space!
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Lego Robots that WorkBelish/Shutterstock

Lego Robots that Work

Lego Mindstorms allow your kids to build Lego robots that actually work. And these kits are a great gift for kids who are between basic circuit games and full-fledged robot kits.
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Computer KitPunkbarbyO/Shutterstock

Computer Kit

Have a teenager or 'tween on your list who's ready to move onto more complex tech projects. So let them build their first computer (and maybe a desk, too). This kit is rated 6 and up, but there are many options out there, including advanced builds.
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Butterfly KitYuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

Butterfly Kit

No, this isn't about catching butterflies (that's different, but also great gift). And these kits allow nature-curious kids to grow their own butterflies from caterpillars. Also, it allows them to keep them in a netted pillar until you are ready to be released into an outdoor butterfly house.
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A Mud Kitchen

For a fun outdoor DIY project, you can buy or build a mud kitchen area for your toddler to experiment with. And get a little dirty in a constructive environment while making classics like mud pies and stone soup.
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Sewing Kit OnlyZoia/Shutterstock

Sewing Kit

There are many sewing kits for kids that will teach them different types of sewing skills for creation and repair. And it's ideal for kids who love crafts.
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Basic BinocularsDmitry Naumov/Shutterstock

Basic Binoculars

Binoculars for kids are specifically designed for exploring nature, spotting birds and taking a closer look at the world around us. And if your kids are outdoor lovers, equip them with a pair of binocs!
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Washable Kid's PaintERainbow/Shutterstock

Washable Kid's Paint

For kids who love painting and the idea of helping you with projects. But aren't quite old enough to actually paint their room, try out this washable paint! And it helps teach them basic paint skills without too much danger of permanent mistakes.
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Kid's Power Tool SetZoom Team/Shutterstock

Kid's Power Tool Set

Yes, popular brands do indeed make power tool sets for young kids. And these tools don't have a lot of functionality. But they are a great way to make children feel involved in projects...and you can upgrade as they get older.
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Kid's Leaf BlowerMarcel Jancovic/Shutterstock

Kid's Leaf Blower

This little girl is using a full-size leaf blower. But she'd have more fun with this kid-sized leaf blower that only blows a little bit of air. And it makes realistic blowing noises and is ideal for kids who want to tag along on outdoor projects—and make a bit of noise.
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Toy Tape Measure and Levelglenda/Shutterstock

Toy Tape Measure and Level

These tools actually work, so you can have your kids help you measure for your own DIY projects. And it's a great way to help get them involved and let them know that they can really make a difference.
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Kid Tool BeltZoom Team/Shutterstock

Kid Tool Belt

Let your kid carry around those tools that you bought them with their own fully functional and durable tool belt.
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Kid's WheelbarrowRomaset/Shutterstock

Kid's Wheelbarrow

Another fully functional tool, this wheelbarrow is perfect for carting around toys and supplies. Or helping out with various yard projects.
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Woodworking for KidsRob Hainer/Shutterstock

Woodworking for Kids

For older kids who are ready to start woodworking on their own, consider giving them their own small woodworking tool set. So now they can practice and learn valuable tips from you.
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Child-Sized BakewareZhuk Roman/Shutterstock

Child-Sized Bakeware

Does your kid prefer to help in the kitchen rather than the workshop? And there are many options for bakeware for your aspiring chefs.
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Take-Apart Car Kittcsaba/Shutterstock

Take-Apart Car Kit

A take-apart car allows young kids to dream of being a mechanic. And there are more advanced kits for older kids that will teach them other basics or allow them to build a little solar car.

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